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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The lights are going out.
Ascended Masters will not be available until further notice.
44 of the Registered Arch-Angels are not taking any communications right now.
Spirit Guides are officially on strike, and we have no idea where the picket line is.
Chakras contemplating a shut down.
Dark Night of the Soul looming
No miracles in sight

In an unprecedented move, the Ascended Masters (excluding Jesus, Moses, Mother Mary & Quan Yin) have decided to extend their so called vacation.
Reports are trickling in that suggest we may be approaching a standstill in our evolutions.
Unconfirmed channelings include several key points that are alarming to this observer.

We've also had reports that the Ascended Masters have actually lowered their vibrations in order to blend in and not be easily recognized.

For most Ascended Masters, this time off has provided them with the opportunity to see family, friends and to visit old haunts.

This has had a ripple effect, that is spreading swiftly across many spiritual communities and negotiations with the remaining numbers of Arch-Angels have further deteriorated.
In fact, several rumors have crossed my desk that lead me to believe that a warning should be issued to all Earth Students, and the areas surrounding Earth Students.

Incoming Dark Night of the Soul.

We are expecting this to spread across many areas of the deep South and this Cold Dark Front will march towards the East.

One daring Earth Student just called in with this chilling report:

"It is a cold, dark and rainy night.
The wind is howling through the trees.
The rain sounds like drumming on the side of my condo.

I can hear dogs howling in the distance.
A candle is glowing on the table next to me, flickering every so often in response to the wind, and throwing shadows around at the walls.
A chill is racing its way up and down my spine and I can feel myself grow anxious...

The house phone is ringing....brb.....
I just answered it and there was NO ONE There!

With that, the line went dead.

The screen on my laptop lit up with an Instant Message from a Spiritual Seeker, who wishes to remain unnamed.
Here is a copy and paste of that communication:

Unnamed Spiritual Seeker: Hi? How are you doin'?

Me: Fine thanks and yourself?

Unnamed Spiritual Seeker: Just chillaxin'. Why on earth is it called a Dark Night of the Soul? I don't get this at all.

Me: Who are you? Why are you asking me?

Unnamed Spiritual Seeker: Why dark? Who says it has to be DARK?

Me: How should I know why dark? Who do I look like to you?

Unnamed Spiritual Seeker: And nighttime? What about people who have to work, what about the countless poor, struggling souls who are more day type of people?

Me: Jesus, Mary & Joseph! Give me a break, how did you get my screen name anyway?

Unnamed Spiritual Seeker: What if someone is more of an early riser?

Me: I'm going to block you, this is bordering on harassment. Leave me alone.

Unnamed Spiritual Seeker: What should I do?

Me: I don't know, when I know, you'll know.
Me: Bye TTYL

The following was just posted on Twitter:

"It all sounds so dark..."
less than a minute ago, from the web

"I think Dark Nights of the Soul should be more fun..."
a few minutes ago from the web in reply to akashic.wreckage

"What if it goes on for way more than a night, what is a normal length of time for a Dark Night of the Soul?"
11:11AM, Apr 1 from the web in reply to light_worker

And another:
"We have no standards, no ground rules. No wonder The Dark Night of the Soul is throwing so many people for a loop."
11:13AM Apr 1 from the web in reply to sexy_spiritgurl

It's all coming to a head now, tensions are mounting, dear ones.

Here is what St Francis just told me to tell you (So far, thank God, the Saints are still around to help us):

"You are being called now to walk in faith. If you can't walk in faith, take a little jog in the park.
As you walk or jog, or even if you would like to skip, close your eyes, but let your left eye remain open a bit.
Keep your left eye peeled for any animals, as these could be signs of new companions for your journey.

If you see any animal 3 times, through your wide open left eye--close your left eye and swiftly open your right eye. Repeat this procedure 7 times.

If the animal is still there, stop walking, jogging or skipping immediately."

St Francis' voice rose with emotion, just a tad, as he exclaimed:
"Look at that nice little animal! Awwwwwwwwwww!"

Suddenly, my connection to St Francis was cut off. I don't know what he was going to say, but as soon as he gets back to me, I'm sure he'll have some scintillating, sage advice for all of us.

Till then, my best advice to you all, as we navigate our way within this difficult journey, is:

First, please find a small room, and settle yourself on the floor.
If you forgot to shut off the light, get back up and turn it off.
Sit back down again, and try to clear your mind of thoughts.

If you can't see a thing-----Perfect.
Then, put your hand in front of your face.
That's good.
They call this a Dark Thing for a reason.

Reach over and turn on the black light.

Now, look over on the floor near the window.
Somehow, someway, magically even--- the floor begins to glow and the shapes begin to resemble those of the Old Family Favorite Game, Twister.
Crawl over to this area.
As you know, with Twister, you have to move from one circle to another.

At this point, since the Ascended Masters are gone...
And the Arch-Angels want nothing to do with us now...
And the Guides are on Strike
YOU, Earth Student, must rely on a few of your Power Animals and Regular Ordinary Angels.

Invoke them now---ask them to join you.

As they gather around, begin to point out the four rows of large colored circles on it with a different color in each row: red, yellow, blue, and green.
Show your Power Animals and Regular Ordinary Angels that the spinner is divided into four labeled sections: right foot, left foot, right hand, and left hand. Each of those four sections is divided into the four colors (red, yellow, blue, and green). Have them all take their places and begin to spin the spinner.

After spinning, and after you have called out the combination, sit back and enjoy the show...

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