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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I can't recall exactly when I had this experience, time continues to behave weirdly---usually I can pull times and dates out of my memory, but more and more, that ability is eluding me.
Time seems to be changing, and perceptions of time, altering.

I knew immediately when I "woke" up that I hadn't really been asleep--I was immediately alert, and felt as if I had just shifted my vision, and was finding myself back in my bedroom. Even though I was laying in bed, it felt as if I had just been standing.

Here is what I experienced:

I found myself in a very familiar place. I was in a space that was almost identical to a condo I had rented 3 years ago. The exposure was due west, and when I lived there, I had the pleasure of being witness to ever changing sunsets, cloud-scapes, and enthralling moon views from my 4th floor apartment. The community I had lived in, had about 15 buildings which all ringed a magnificent lake, so that there were views from every single condo. In whatever this was that I experienced, it was as if I had been plucked out of bed and taken right back there to bear witness to what was before me.

I was standing in the middle of the living room, and the walls were bathed in a golden light---the walls appeared to be gilded and a muted light emanated from everywhere.
The floors were covered with a soft amber colored marble, which also glowed. As my eyes took this in, I was drawn to the view; it was dark out, but I could see a beautiful fuchsia glowing light far out in the dark sky. In my mind, the first thought I had was that this was the last vestiges of a sunset that I had missed. As I looked around, I could see there was no furniture, but that seemed to be of no consequence.

I was drawn at that time to walk down a little hallway, and this led to a very large bedroom. The walls glowed with the golden light and I became aware that there were little beds in the room, and I knew there had just been children in that room. The bed covers were rumpled and the room still had the feel of children who had been sleeping. I knew, at that point, that the children who had been there, and also that my own grown children, were all safe.

Walking back into the living room, I could hear a thunderous noise coming from the distance. I began to walk towards the terrace and could see arcing beams of light, as if from weapons being aimed from north to south, across the huge expanse of the lake. The sky was dark, except for the glow in the western sky, which began to grow in brightness. I could feel the air around me moving with each flash of light, and I could feel a vibration from beneath my feet as well.

There was a battle taking place right outside. Despite the inky darkness, the arcs of light continued to shoot out, it was probably one of the most beautiful sights I've seen. I continued to stand there, mesmerized by what I was seeing, understanding that a ferocious fight was taking place, and yet I could not see who was fighting, or what was really happening. I could see the ring of condos, and lights from within those, and everything seemed totally normal---

The rumblings continued and the arcs of light became more and more brilliant, until suddenly---it all stopped. It was immediately day time. I continued to stand there watching, and then saw a young man dressed in a white crew neck tee shirt, wearing work shorts and boots. He had a hat on and was carrying a simple plank of wood over his shoulder and he was walking outside my terrace. I wondered how he could do this, because I knew I was on the 4th floor! So, I walked out onto the terrace and it was then that I saw the remains of what had taken place.

There was devastation filling the ground below. Twisted metal, little wisps of smoke arising from the earth. Right in front of my terrace was a huge mound of earth. On the mound, were little crosses, tiny little crosses almost looking like little popsicle stick crosses, deliberately placed in the earth. I didn't feel as if there were "dead souls" buried there---it was just there as proof to my eyes that something real had taken place. As I shifted my gaze, I could see that all the buildings were completely intact, no blown out windows and I could see the street traffic moving, both within the community and outside the community, in a normal, routine fashion.

I looked out again to the area immediately in front of me, and it had been returned to "normal." The lake sprung up, the palm trees were there, the lake birds were swooping up and down.

And, it was as if I was being told, right then and there, that this battle is real, that it was still taking place, but on a different level---or in a realm that was just a slight shift from this realm. I had this understanding that this battle---- was one not to be engaged in---but rather to know that it was happening and that we are being protected.

As I found myself back in my body, and as I was pondering what had just happened, I began to realize what I had been privy to----

That we are not to engage in the distraction that may be purposefully manufactured to take our attention to that which will bring fear to us---and certainly in the months since this experience---the fear has become palpable. I see it and feel it at work; it screams at us from the media, with no let up in sight. If we so choose, we can shift ourselves away from the energy of that fear; we can focus on knowing it's being put out there, and rather than be pulled INTO it---we can know that we are protected.

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Comment by Joy Hart on March 31, 2009 at 1:02pm
This is beautiful. Thank you for this vision.


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