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Ultimate Energy Showdown Kickstarter campaign launched

From the Producer/Director of
comes a new television series to challenge the fossil fuel paradigm.

If you are boiling mad over the Gulf of Oil, sick of the slick, and tired of hearing about "clean" coal and "safe" nuclear energy, its time to step up and help me pitch our television series, ULTIMATE ENERGY SHOWDOWN®, to cable networks and Internet channels.

Not that we're going to be bashing anyone. We simply want to let audiences know that there are hundreds of inventors and companies worldwide that you should know about who are pioneering a green energy revolution with non-polluting devices and solutions beyond just renewables like solar and wind. New energy devices that could power our homes, automobiles, and the electric grid. The show combines the do-it-yourself , practical “does it work?” philosophy of MythBusters with the scientific integrity and creative imagination of NOVA.

We'll feature 3-4 cool devices or processes on each episode. We are going to put them to the test to see which ones work, may have promise, are questionable, or are outright klunkers. Most importantly, at the very least, we are going to inspire thousands of young people to develop an interest in the sciences of the 21st century.

Our hosts Matt & Carter challenge the validity of each inventor and invention presented. Matt is the wise confident optimist and Carter the curious intelligent skeptic, creating a critical tension that holds the viewers' interest.

I've assembled a professional team to develop and pitch this television series to international cable TV networks and produce high quality episodes for a reality-series budget. We feel strongly that we can get a cable deal as well as an Internet streaming deal if we can reach the decision-makers with a brilliant pitch package.

What the Bleep Do We Know? Type in "Free Energy" on Yahoo and you get over 1 Billion hits! People everywhere want to know about this.

I need seed funding in the amount of $ 5,000 to prepare our pitch materials, consult with industry insiders, and travel to four TV conferences/markets in June and July. I have started a campaign to raise that money from individuals who can donate as little as $5.00 to the effort. There are loads of goodies you get when you contribute at different levels, but we don't get ANYTHING if we don't reach our goal of $ 5,000 by June 21, 2010.

If you can't contribute, please pass this along to people you think might. Or put the Kickstarter Widget on your website to spread the word.

This will be completed...We have to get it right. Our Planet depends on it.

Thank you,

Christopher Toussaint
Free Spirit Productions

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