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V Season 1 Episode 4 - Running With The Ball

The new and astonishingly popular show, Spielberg's V, what is it really?

I remember at about 11 years old, still trying to understand the world, and Spielberg's films were for the large part, helping me remember the world from the vaster/simpler perspective of the elements, as well as space and time.

At that time I decided to write a letter to Mr Spielberg, I looked around online and found an address, and sent it.

To put it shortly, I recommended he look into making a film about "The Rapture". There wasn't much hype about it at the time, but the Apocalyptic Pentecostals have always been hot on this, for centuries. At about 15 years old, I was neck-deep in that doctrine.

It was the only "exciting" thing about my spiritual journey at that point, as exciting as finding real dinosaurs, or ETs, no matter how scary, and Spielberg understood that!
The dance, the "Cosmic Joke", good ain't good without bad, and bad ain't bad without good.

Sadly the letter was rejected due to a lack of "Legal Representation". Being only 11, I thought I will have to find another way, maybe just wait till I meet him.

But what do we have here!? V!
The highest accumulated viewers of any 1st Episode, ever!
It was exactly what was needed, at the right time.

I applaud the team of writers and all involved in creating the emotional landscape, the age old idea of "how can we trust the unknown", perfectly meshed, interwoven like a chess board.
Well done!

The recent episode revealed an interesting idea that I have also had for a while. At the end, Anna takes position in a room, almost like a project paradise-esque prayer room, and telepathically sends a blessing to all her children. A "bliss" blessing.
Some indigenous peoples feel it, some city folk just stopped in the street and just enjoyed it.

But to all who felt it, it was good.

So I will run with this idea.

Imagine 2 city folk somehow finding their way to discuss it, I would imagine each would lend the experience to their beliefs or deities, not realizing the message behind the occurrence.

If culture, and 3D reality really is, as they say, up to us, then our beliefs would still block the understanding of the unknown, if we lend the concept to a state of fear.

For me, I have learned that searching for "the answer" is a step too far.
The question IS the answer.

If it is truth that we seek, and we agree that truth is accepted by all, why don't we do just that? Seek for the truth that we all agree on!

Would it still not rub hard on the edges of our stone-built, separated minds?

To put it simply, it would not matter if an advanced race decided to make themselves known to us if we cannot even agree on what to call them, or how to deal with the information.

What is far more important to me, is seeing a change in heart, the strength of the sacred journey, the untold attempts at nature showing us "the way", with a simple leaf, or a shell, the keys to all mathematics and science lie within.

How could we betray our own existence, our own coming into this world, denying the very mechanisms that allow for such a rich experience?

We can do this, we agree on something, we can crystallize a set of ideas and thoughts that leaves no man, woman, or child behind.

If I were not here, and I were looking from afar, watching humanity, I would most certainly say "there is no point in interfering, they have all the answers, because they have all the questions, now, they must come together and choose".

Love and Light to ALL
I am honored, I AM.

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