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Nassim Haramein on Coast to Coast Feb 3rd 2010

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V Season 1 Episode 4 - Running With The Ball

The new and astonishingly popular show, Spielberg's V, what is it really?

I remember at about 11 years old, still trying to understand the world, and Spielberg's films were for the large part, helping me remember the world from the vaster/simpler perspective of the elements, as well as space and time.

At that time I decided to write a letter to Mr Spielberg, I looked around online and found an address, and sent it.

To put it shortly, I recommended he look into… Continue

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Birmanian - Inspiring and Jaw Dropping Rock Formation!

Enjoy this amazing cry of nature!

Just awesome!

Love and Light to All

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Intro - Convergence - Confusion - Duality - Oneness

I feel very welcome in your fantastic "cyber desert cafe"!

Please feel free to visit and enjoy some of my current music projects/concepts while you read, or for later.

Straight to playlist -


In the vastness of our consciousness, in the chaotic node of November 2009; here we can enjoy peace.

I would like to… Continue

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