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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Just got back from 20 days on the road, visiting barcelona, rome, venice, montenegro, Montserrat, Croatia, Nice,

and so it was nice to sit down and connect with the christ spirit again at home

What Love


What Love would you have that you would allow

You to open your heart and trust

That my love accepts all of you,

And works through me to touch your soul

And lift you to the pure realm of the highest

That is alive in me and so can live in you.


What Light would you have to let your self

Be burning with the fire of all existence

To shine with the eternal light of your being

As you reflect my Light

With a pure clear intention of being one with the light that God carries

Though his spirit to your Soul.


What words can speak to your being

To allow you to release all doubt, all fear, and all blocks,

So that you may be protected by the legions of angels

That work with you.

To whisper the truth of who I am to you and through you.


So you may praise and raise

The love and light that redeems you

 so you are A pure chalice that pours a wellspring

of the holy spirit to the world.

To nourish and inspire those who are seeking

the Power of God’s of transforming energy.

As it merges with that which I am that lives in you.


For there  are so many Pilgrims on the path.

And there is such a need to believe

And as you believe you receive a way

 this eternal light of God living love can be alive in you

to work through you

to bring the blessings of this Christ spirit

from the heavens to earth.



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