Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Come, come
To the Place in your heart where Love lives,
For where there is Love
There is an opening to understanding
and sharing of the Essence of the greatest gift in life.

This gift is a blessing from the Creator,
and the Shining light that lifts us
and leads us out of our limitation.

this Love overcomes our fears
as it forgives and so gives us the power
to Give and so be forgiven.
It heals the hurt of time.
And allows us to share who we truly are.

And we find in this love a home in our heart,
And that our heart is at home in this purpose.

So precious is this love,
And so perfect is the Journey to Understanding,
On how this Love is our reason for being,
And this reason knows a power to believe.
For it alive in the perfect imperfection of being
And this being is part of God’s being.

and we can ask for forgiveness and be forgiven.
and we can accept our selves and all of our mistakes as we learn from them.
and so learn to accept and forgive others as God does.

And so we are blessed by God’s Grace
And so we blossom and grow in the Light of love.
And so we are transformed by a Love that gives and receives
Accepts and believes,
And teaches us to value of life.

For as we love as God does
we are sharing the Love God is
And we become the love of God.

So come, Come, to the place in your heart where Love lives
Come and live with Love.

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