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Valentin’s Day

You are the very Breath of my Life
You Hold and release the light of my soul.
You are the Song in my Heart
That sings to my Reason for being
And allows me with Grace to Grow.
Love ,
you are the Feast that celebrates my secret cravings,
and feeds the never ending Hunger that I know.
Come, Come Sweet Love,
Enter into the hidden depths of all that I am,
And so reveal yourself in me.
So that you can accept what I am
and Who I am, and what I wish to be.
touch me with the grace of your compassion
so that I may trust you to love me enough
and so allow me to be what I need to be
with and without you in the giving and receiving ,
that longs to taste the temptation
and so I can learn what I need to know.
Reveal me, and see me,
Understand me, the teach me,
And In all the memories of love leave some clues,
Of how after lifetimes upon lifetimes of searching,
I can at last remember you.
Let me believe in your power
So that I may finally find,
the blessing of being that becomes
and is touched by the revelation
That ignites the fire that lives forever
throughout all time.

Precious Love,
You know in my heart of hearts it’s true,
That I give my very life and soul to that loving
And I will always be there for you.

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