Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

What net from heaven could you reach
To Catch an Angels fall,
How could you heal the gossamer wings
That reach to protect you through it all.

Can you catch a spirit’s heart
Can you merge with the vision of beauty and embrace
a light that comes from heaven
and leaves without a trace.

And when you see a rainbow
Can you capture the heavenly rays
’that light the earth and let you glimpse
the beauty of God’s reflection and such Holy Grace.

Perhaps the challenge of the impossible dance
and the Visions sometimes seen.
Will lead to you remember the realms
Of the land where the angels sing.

And maybe there is no shadow
From the spirits who guide you on the way
But when you wish upon a star
It can lead you to a higher place.

For there is a certain shimmer of the veils that cover
The many realms of dreams,
And the veils are lifted away
It can reveal a little more to see.

And you might breathe the breath of Spirit,
And you might be blessed by the guardians of the way,
When the world is merged with the land beyond dreams
And you might find the truth
when we come to the Place that we are redeemed.

but for now, while you are here on earth,
you live each and every day,
with your feet walking on the path,
and your eyes sometimes seeing Heaven’s way.

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