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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Last Saturday, I went to the Coop, and when I got out of the car, I heard this amazing flute-like sound coming from under the freeway bridge. The bridge was adding a lot of natural reverb to it, and making it sound haunting, even though the scale of notes was not the Western music scale. I went to investigate, and heard the rising and falling sound of an engine speeding up and slowing down, in sync with the sounds I had heard earlier. When I got closer, I discovered that there was some work being done with a concrete saw, a very ordinary looking event, other than that sound. I got my cheap Vivitar camera and recorded a movie of the saw in action. One person was doing the cutting, and another was keeping the area wet, so it would not produce a lot of (gag) dust.

Now, about that sound. Notice that it always locks on to some frequency, and changes abruptly to another as the speed of the motor changes. The frequency does not gradually change with the motor speed, but favors certain frequencies and won't ring at other frequencies between them.

This is chaos theory in action. In chaos theory, when the amount of energy applied to a system changes enough, it goes through a quick transition from one stable state to the next, in this case, the frequency of the sound coming from that ringing saw blade.

It occurs to me that this is a great analogy for what appears to be happening on this planet right now. Some kind of conscious energy is being increased here, and the result is beginning to emerge. From a stable state that it was in for a very long time, through a chaotic period of transition to another stable state. The previous stable state was the "dominator paradigm", which we are familiar with now, and the new one is something much better, where we see far less hierarchy and control, and far more love and cooperation.

Just one thing, in order to successfully make this transition, we have to make it through the rocky and chaotic period in between. The more resistance there is from the established powers, the more insane and chaotic that transition will be, and they seem to be resisting a lot. They do not know that if they allow themselves to change and accept it, they will be far happier than they are now. Because they don't know, they fight it. Being in charge is the only life they know, and they feel that their very survival is threatened if they don't hold on to their old ways. The transition period is likely to be very short compared to the stable periods which are thousands of years long. I expect most of the people who are here now to live to see it.

How about that? All that from a noise made by a saw on an ordinary day in Sacramento!

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