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This is a new song that I have been working on. This was one of those late night, early morning sessions when I was tired but could not get to sleep, after working late. I did the whole thing in a single session, and then finally was able to sleep. Not bad considering that.
I played this recently at Karma cafe, and there was a lady there who really liked it, so I named it for her. I think I will try a few different versions of it for a while and see how it goes. This one is using a Stagg L350, if I remember right,. It's a lot like a Les Paul, and has a much sweeter sound than a Strat, at least to me. The flute is a standard silver flute, nothing really special about it. They all sound good to me, as long as they don't have leaky pads. When I played this song live, I was using a semi classical style accoustic, plugged in, so it sounds very different from that. I will probably record a version using that one as well.
The birds live at Cosumnes River nature preserve, and I filmed them a few years ago. I have not been able to go there lately, but would like to get some more of this.

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