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Comment by KeepinthePeace on August 9, 2009 at 7:57pm
I think the potential is greater than some may think. However, that being said, it is an individual thing. We are not teachers by our own design or because it's something we desire. Not to say that some of us are not better than others at teaching but we become teachers when we are asked questions. This is not something that can be forced; it has to be spoon fed if you will. When I first figured out for myself the concept of our oneness, I wanted to go running and tell everyone (i.e. family, friends, associates, and even strangers on the corner). I soon found out that this is not something you preach but something you are. It's sort of like the Buddhist approach to things. They are at peace with themselves and all that is. They do not go out in the world and promote Buddhism; they answer questions and give information when they are asked and through the living of their own lives. So you see, it's a difficult question you pose because of the virtual myriad of variables in this massively diverse planet we have; and the people in it. We as a people (and I mean this in general terms because their are always exceptions to the proverbial rule) have been so indoctrinated and brainwashed over time in so many ways as I'm sure you well know. I think the only way one truly realizes the depth of the the manipulation is through waking up to the true concept of our oneness. Once this realization truly hits home and resonates with the self, you can see clearly how your prior behaviors were counter productive. Now, when you try to change the indoctrinated behaviors and replace them with new ones; then you realize just how utterly brainwashed you have been. I say this because I for the longest time (long before I woke up as the saying goes) I thought I wasn't brainwashed. Then it hit me, I've been just as brainwashed as anyone I know. Basically what I'm saying is that there are many layers to your question. I think this enlightenment is a sharing thing but crossing the threshold is an individual thing. I think we will change things through our thoughts and beliefs as they manifest the reality of true peace and light. Peace and Positivity to you


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