Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

What a beautiful expression of the spirit you've been sharing through your music all of these years. Paz.

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I heartily agree with this post
I, too, wish to thank you for the wondrous, timeless music you've brought us through the years. This site - creative, loving & sorely needed. namaste'
Beauty touches our spirit on many different levels .......... and your beauty reaches deep into my soul!
Thank You Carlos
Yes, Mr. Santana, you are my inspiration at the moment. I catch vibes from different musicians, for when I play, but I have your "All That I Am," and "Dance of the Rainbow Serpent" in my car, and it has been putting me in a great mood lately. I have been listening to your music for a long time now. I thank you for your free spirited music. The new website is a phenomenon!
Beautiful brother Carlos!

Never would I miss the opportunity to say thank you! What healing inspiration you've infused my world and our world with, through you spirit, your music, and your love.

bless you, always... may this new vision thrive and realize the images whispered to you by Spirit.

Zola de Firmian
Dearest Maestro Carlos,
May 30th, 1969 you and your band came to Merced, California and played a concert at Merced Speedway. I was 11 years old and felt your Presence then, and have carried you in my heart continually..ever since.

Only Love for You,

Steven Amarant
Mountain Ranch, Ca.
Mahalo Carlos for your light & love - Maui awaits you & your teachings. May We Always Walk a Sacred Path.
Brother Carlos thanks for a ausome exiting wonderfull music you rock your my inspiration. What i like about you is you have a good sense of humor you can speak whats on your mind and you have a good heart always inspiring your fans and making the fans happy im not only your fan im your bro and a friend. Your truely a living legend A multi Demensional Warriro a Architects Of A New Dawn. always keep in mind were always here for you supporting your music and your work

take care

much luv and respect
your bro no 1 fan mike
Mr. Carlos.

Thank you for your wonderful Music,
I listen to your music since 35 years . Your music is for me inspiration for all my life; for my family, for my job ; is a way to be a good man, with the people and the wonderful things of this life ; People, earth, plants, flowers, animals.
Through your music, your vision, your words I learn to be kind, patient,humble, to accept the victory and the defeat : All this is for me now so natural and give always joy and happiness.
Thank you becouse you're not only a Big Star but a man.The world need a person like you.

( Sorry for my mistakes in this letter).

With immense love and respect,

What could I said? Our Friends already said the most essential......
Oh, yes ... I know... I do believe we are spiritual being making physical experiences.
Out of my Soul and Heart I want to say you everybody ; I am lucky to be on Earth with you, Architects!
I am happy to belong to the Group of Souls, now united through the music and vision of Carlos . Thank you Carlos! Thank you Friends!
God bless us with Love, Light and Lough
Thank You, Thank You........for being part of the struggle to release Mr Nelson Mandela, being part of the Apartheid Struggle to free South Africa, helping young South African musicians and for the beautiful music that you create which I have been listening to for the past 35 years.
Gracias and May Peace be Upon You.
Yes. Thank you carlos! Over the years your music has brought me together with many people whom I consider my best friends. I expect that that Architects of a New Dawn will continue to unite me with peace loving people. People who feel their hearts and work like yourself for a common good. Viva Santana!

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