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Among It's 'Many' Positive Utilizations : Cannabis (Hemp) 'IS' A "Medicine"..'Not' a drug !

"Viva La Medicina" !

Your brother


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Really loved what Ron...& everyone else had to say in the comments section.....
bit i would like to reprint his statement,,,& re add his video in this...a wider format

Comment by Ron Tocknell
There are some elements of "law" that are well worth knowing. The only actual laws (ie; that we are subject to without the requirement for our consent) that exist are those specifically to protect from harm or loss. If your actions are not causing anyone harm or loss, YOU ARE NOT BREAKING A LAW... but you might well be breaking a 'statute'. The difference between a law and a statute is that a law can be and is imposed on all people. A statute can only be applied with consent. However, how do you know if you are giving consent?

When you break a law, the police must read you your rights but there is no legal requirement for you to confirm that you "understand". If you break a statute, you will be told what statute (which they will call 'law') you have broken and you are required to confirm that you "understand" before action can be taken. It's the word: "Understand" that is critical here. The next time you're picked up for possession, assuming that you're not trafficking, which could be legally construed as 'causing harm', when asked if you understand, reply that you fully comprehend what you have been told. You will be asked again if you understand and this can go on for a long time because they need you to at least say "yes" to that question. The term they are using does not mean "comprehend". It means "Stand Under", an archaic term meaning to submit to the authority of another. By confirming that you "understand", you are consenting to the action that will then be taken against you. Interesting, eh? Now watch the video.
I don't think we need 'proof' that hemp is a medicine any more than we need a torch to see the sun. The world is bountiful. It provides plants for physical food and also for spiritual food. We just have to continue to resist the feeble attempt to manipulate our choices. It will pass... cannabis reactionism is just a fad :o)

I support the legalization of hemp since not only does it have a medicinal use, it can be made into as many as 20- 50,000 different products that would then all be biodegradable.  Currently Lexus is using hemp to manufacture its dashboards.  I also know that it can be used to make cabinets and other built-ins in homes and other facilities.


It is also a good source of food as it can be grown as a no-till plant, requires little water and no fertilizer and can be cut for harvest.  The seeds can be used to make oil and other products, e.g., hemp burgers, cereals, and cheese. I also purchased it at Trader Joe's here in California as a protein powder. Very high in protein if things get really bad, groups of people could survive using just this one source as a food supply.


I also have a backpak, pair of pants, and a shirt made out of hemp that i really love.  The material just never wears out and i wish I had gotten a pair of blue jeans and a pair of shoes when i was living in Encinitas, CA. and shopping at Environgentle there.     


The ironic thing about hemp not being legal to grow is that the Constitution was written on hemp.  


We really need to get our priorities straight in this country and stop killing the planet so that corporations can make mega bucks off of their artificially created products.     

Very well said my Friend~

and Thank "You" so very much, for Your Insights, Input & Information !!!:)



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