Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

At the foundation of a sustainable society is it's economic model, it's socio-eoconomic model, the industrial model has left with a withering planetary environment and a legacy of debt, to really create a sustainable society we need a sustainable economic model; the Information Age offers us that opportunity.

Virtual currencies created by communities and which hold value for those who use the community are the inevitable future. One system in place now is "The FUTURO - A Virtual Peace eCurrency for You.

You earn the currency for participating, they have a Peace currency trading floor where your currency can be paid out in public money via AlertPay or PayPal. They will soon be able to payout on to debit cards or direct deposit to bank accounts due to an alliance upcoming with GetZooks Joint Venture and the soon to be re-released ePayCafe.

It's free to join the Peace Currency community called UBIEE, and you get your own TF (Trading Floor) for currency exchange and sales to your community, or you can use Peace Currency for services on the platform. If you're interested in foundational solutions, try out the Futuro Trading Floor by UBIEE, free Peace Currency account here.

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Totally outstanding. right. Scrap all the politics and discrimination by artificial categories and let my people free. Soon China will understand that the power of the Internet is superior to anything that has ever existed.
We will have Peace on Earth by 2027 and with videos like this we may be able to do it much faster.



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