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April 2012 Blog Posts (70)

Daily Insights

Your time...

In this life

IS not to wish

The hours away

To wonder

Why you

Are even here

In the first place

Having this

Unique life experience

Was a deliberate

Choice by YOU

As the energy

You are.

You chose to experience

The highs

The lows

The feelings

Of touch, taste, smell

And the roller coaster

Of emotions

In order

To remember

Through contrast

Your own


As a conscious…


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Daily Insights

When words fail you...

It is OK

When thoughts

Become a

Quagmire of doubt

Let them go

All that matters

Is how you feel

And for this

You only need

To go inside

Within you

Is the infinite

Within you

Is the quantum power

Of your energy

You are always

Unconditional love

You are energy

You are

The creator of


And everyone

You are ONE

With everything

And everyone

You just need



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This Precious moment

Oh, for a blessed Moment, let yourself be,

In the precious Presence of the Lord,

And experience the Miracle of Creation.


Let go of thinking, Let go of trying, let go of all

That has been a burdon in your life,

Let go of all conception about who you are ,

And just breathe in the bliss of this Moment of being.


For there is such a great Beauty that is here

And there is such great glory to behold

When you let…


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Daily Insights

Each time...

You look on others

And judge

Yourself by their

Standards or movement

You disconnect

Further from

Your energy essence

Judging yourself

Comes from

The frequency of lack

It reflects to you

You value

Others worth

Above your own

That you

Do not believe in

Your inherent

Ability to create

Every abundance

In your experience.

Find joy in

Other people's success


Their alignment…


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Chakras..Architecture of the Soul

Chakras are the sacred centers within that carry us on our journey toward greater awareness and aliveness. As the architecture of the soul, they provide an important map for our wholeness and transformation, both personally and globally. As an ancient spiritual system, they show the path to enlightenment and integration.



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Daily Insights

Blame, guilt or conflict...

Are man made perceptions

There to breed

Fear and control

Formed from

The instigators

Own lack of self worth

Their need to

Control to justify

Their existence.

Energy is abundance

Energy is

Unconditional love

When you let go

Of reacting

To external perceptions

Begin to listen

To your energy essence

Your higher self

Within you

You understand

It is not about


It is all…


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New Project to get TREES PLANTED!

Hey All,

Just last night I got a project started to get trees planted and encourage EVERYONE to do the same either with me or on their own, please check it out and get some trees planted!

Peace to All,


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On this day of Miracles the door to the Kingdom of the Highest realms open and the blessings of heaven are showered upon the world and all those whose hearts are present in the celebration that is the resurrection. For it is the celebration that is offered to all who would believe. It is the gift of life eternal. And it is the path to God’s Kingdom. And it is the anointing of all souls who are the path of God

And today we take a moment to stop and see the rising sun and though we are…


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Daily Insights

Love is not just...

An emotion

Love is energy


Unconditional love

Is the highest frequency

Is the source

Of your power

When you are

Conditioned to


And believe

That closing

Your heart

Will keep you

From hurt

That resentment

And retaliation

Are the solution


You move

Further into

Low frequency

Of lack

You widen the void

Between your

Physical body's



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Easter Message

Dear Lord

Come into my heart and Soul

So that your divine presence fills my being

So I may become one with the energy you hold.

Be my voice,

Let your light be my light,

Let you love be my love

Let your vision guide me,

And  your words inspire and direct me.


For when you were transformed from Body to Spirit

You gave us the greatest gift,

So that we can also be transformed by your light and love.



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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 7 : Giants Under The Sun

Chapter 7 : Giants Under The Sun

The seventh chapter of The Threshold Series focuses on the Parker-Evanses, a young Neo Apollonian couple, on a weekend visit to Triton Aeolus from their hometown of Neo Delphi.

While Frank Evans is being interviewed, his wife, Celia Parker, enjoys a moment of tranquillity with her…


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Kuthumi-Agrippa New Energy Portal Grids ~ Michelle Manders




Palace of Peace

Free channelings


Kuthumi-Agrippa has transmitted new information regarding the elevation of the Crystal Energy Grids, which are an integral part of the work required no to be conducted in order to activate the ancient dormant Sacred Site Portals of Ancient…


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4/4 Gateway Portal Channelling ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai






Gateway Portal Channeling

click here: 4.4.12~Gateway~Portal~Channelling~Meditation


Peace & Blessings



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Daily Insights

Your life experiences...

Are always

Your choosing

Through the frequency

You resonate 

They will always

Be a reflection

Of the


You define yourself


And believe

In your self worth

Your desires and vision

Become physically


Not through thought



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In The Vortex (revisited - with poetry)

Scylla by William Pye » by mira66)

« In The Vortex » is an energetic instrumental put together while toying with ideas leftover from « Informaëlstrom » and « Leftoverturned. »…


Added by Christopher Stewart on April 6, 2012 at 11:56am — 2 Comments

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

This is a New Dawn, it is the age of Ascension.

It is up to us to decide what is right and what is…


Added by Imelda Maguire on April 6, 2012 at 8:28am — 2 Comments

Daily Insights

Intuition is real...

It is not 

The stuff of

Random feelings

It is energy's


With you

Intuition allows

You to feel

If a situation

Or experience

Is aligned to 

Your values

And vision

If a situation

Makes you feel

Bad or uncomfortable

This is showing…


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Here on earth

Here on earth


When you experience the power of God’s love

You then search for the ways you may serve that love

Here on Earth


When you experience the truth God’s light

You have the vision to bring that light

To those in darkness

Here on Earth.


When you experience the bliss of heaven

Your soul is inspired to bring that Heaven to those

Here on Earth


When you are Here on…


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Daily Insights

Through the minefield...

Of other's expectations

Advice or criticism

You will only

End up

Living their 

Life experiences

And therefore

Their low frequency

Any derogatory

Or negative

Remarks are a

Reflection of 

A persons own lack.

Your feelings

Of unease



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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Hope

Do not worry. Things will be all right.

The angels wish to remind you that the Universe wants you to have your heart's desires. It is simply waiting for you to believe you deserve it too. It truly is a kind Universe and everyone within it is working in your favour, even if it doesn't always feel that way. There are really no tests, blocks or obstacles in your way,…


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