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Edel O'Mahony's Blog – March 2012 Archive (32)

Daily Insights

You limit your flow...

Of abundance

By thinking in 

Physical terms

How to make 

Things happen

How your life

Is going to

Change for the better

The 'how'

Is NOT your job

The how is 

All done by energy

And you let 

Energy do

Its job 

When you 

Let go of



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Daily Insights

When you allow...

Conditioning of lack

To feed your beliefs

You move into

The low frequency

Of limitation

Energy will then

Attract to you

Experiences of more lack

As it will always

Bring the outcome

Of your frequency match

This physical world

Is just a medium

For the energetic

Processes of experience


That you have the power

To change

Your experiences

To transmute

Energy in…


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Daily Insights

Even when...

You close your heart

To love

Feeling it will

Stop you getting hurt

Love does not

Close its heart

To you

Energy is pure

Unconditional love

By shutting down


Experiences cause

You pain

You begin to live

The other persons

Life experience

You move to

Their low frequency

Of lack

Here you move

Out of alignment

With your energy essence

So you feel separation

You feel…


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Daily Insights

Your power and wealth...

Is not created

From physical means

It all starts 

From within you

It is in

The transmutation

Of energy

That your abundance 

Is created

This happens

From energy


Your frequency

Your frequency

Is determined

By your beliefs

When you…


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Daily Insights

In your darkest moments...

Of despair

When you feel

You are invisible

To the world


At this point

You are your strongest

Here you say

'I give up'


You are saying

'I let go'

When you let go

You allow energy

To take the lead

It is in complete


That you find

Your strength

When you

Let go of judging

Yourself through conditioning

And instead

Come home



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Daily Insights

You will move...

From your place

And experiences

Of struggle

And lack

Only when 

The discomfort

Becomes too great

When you 

Get to the edge

Of your cliff

And cannot 

Go further

Unless you

Take that leap

In believing

In yourself

In having 

The confidence



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Daily Insights

Being in control...

Of your reality

Or being a victim

Is your choice

And yours alone

Energy will respond

And attract to you


And opportunities

From which ever

of these frequencies

You resonate out

Energy does not

Hear words

Energy feels frequency

So all while

You believe

You are a victim

You will continue

To attract

Experiences that keep you

A victim

All while you live

In fear



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Daily Insights


Long lasting

Romantic relationships

Has to begin

With loving you

First and foremost

If you do not

Honour or value

Your worth

You will attract

The frequency

Of lack

In others

Your relationship

Will be one

Of control

When you are

Solid in the love

For yourself

In defining

Who you are

In believing in

Your unique

And amazing

Ability as a

Conscious creator



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Daily Insights

You let go of fear...

When you begin

To listen

To yourself

Not the mind chatter

Where ego

Sets up residence

Plying you with

Self doubt and insecurities

Instead listen within

To your core

Where your

Heart and soul align

Where you

Have instantaneous

Access to energy

The energy

That is YOU

That is

Everyone and everything

You access this

When you open

Your heart

To loving

And accepting…


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Daily Insights

You are not here...

To live a life

Of supplication

To be humbled

Into insignificance

You are here

To command

And create

Your passion

And vision

Into being

Why then

Do you

Let fear

Hold you back

From the powerful

Being you are?!

Fear keeps you small

Fear KEEPS you


In this new

Evolving paradigm

Where creativity

Nurturing and healing

Are flexing their muscles

Now is YOUR…


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Daily Insights

Your experiences...

Are always the result

Of what you

Resonate out

What you feel

In your heart

Is your true

Vision and passion

Energy will change

All components

To align

Your world

With your vision

Even when

You experiences

Events that throw you

Take time

To step back


And look to see

That your energy is

Moving out

Of your experience

Any and all frequencies

That do not align

To your…


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Daily Insights

In energy...

There are no limitations

To abundance

Or creativity


Is a man made concept

A tool of

Societies built on lack

Use to control

And condition.

You harness

The power of energy

When you

Stop giving

Your attention

To external conditioning

Pay attention


And join in

Energy's conversation

Understand your power

Is all in


Your beliefs




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Daily Insights

Your separation...

From your happiness

And abundance

Is merely a perception

Fed by social

And generational


Keeping you


You are not worthy.

Understand ego

Is there

To keep you small

To keep that

Little voice going

That tells you

'Why do you think you can make a difference?'

'Look how much better others are doing'

'Who do you think you are to deserve a wealthy life?'

ALL of this is



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Daily Insights

You do not need...

Other's justification

Or acknowledgement

To know how

Truly amazing

You are

Your power

Comes from

Finding the 

Love, honour

And respect

For yourself


Any other

In this solid


You step away

From fear

And low frequency



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The Quantum Scale of Wealth


Business is changing…it had to, as energetically our glorious corporate world and governments have created the perception of lack which moves whole populations into low frequency. Energy then attracts back that same frequency in the lack of economic opportunities, so providing exactly what the masses resonate out…lack.
However, nothing…

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Daily Insights

Peace ...

Does not come

Through supplication

Peace comes


Personal empowerment

When you

Have total belief

In who you are

Your limitless


And creativity

Find the love

For you

First and foremost

Honour your vision

Through your


Then you align

With your powerful

Inner energy

Then you

Begin to understand

True abundance

Here there is

No guilt, blame or conflict



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Daily Insights

Living the life you love...

Comes from building

The immutable belief

In your abundance

It happens

When you hold

Your vision

With focus


And a definiteness of purpose

When you cannot

Be swayed

From the creation

Of your desires

From a rock solid


Of honour, belief

And love in yourself

Only you

Can determine

Your experiences

You do this through


With energy



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Daily Insights

Feeling of loneliness..

Are merely

A perception

They are in fact

Energy's way

Of showing you

What it feels like

To be out of


From your higher self

As loneliness

Moves you into

Low frequency

And further away

From allowing

Love and abundance

To flow

Your alignment begins

Simply with

Finding the love


Once you begin

To love

Who you are

To cherish

Your uniqueness



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Daily Insights

The only truth that matters...

Is YOUR truth

Not what you

Are conditioned 

To believe

Not what others

Pressure you

Into living

In seeking out

Your truth

You will always

Be guided by

Your energy

Through how

You feel

When you live

The truth of


Who you…


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Daily Insights

Stop limiting yourself...

To perceiving

Money is physical

Money does not exist

Financial wealth is energy

All wealth is energy

And flows in 

At high frequency

You then must match

The frequency

Of wealth

In order for it

To align

And flow to you

Your frequency

Is determined…


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