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Promotion for The Kings of Pickens Hill - Life is stranger than fiction

Have you read the new revised edition of The Kings of Pickens Hill – Life Is Stranger than Fiction? It’s not just another factious crime novel! No, it’s much more than that!

This novel vividly details the realistic struggles of a rural town’s fight against gangs, drugs, and drug dealers. Although this does not read like a crime novel, you will be surprised! It actually is a story about crime. Upon reading this exciting story, you will be introduced to the lives of several…

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How Do You Explain Love? --The Trilogy

The Question

How do you explain love?

Every time you look into that special someone’s eyes

You experience everything you’ve been longing for.

What words can you use to explain it?

Are there any words that can be chosen;

What words need to be spoken,

To describe the wonderful pleasures felt

As our bodies lie entangled together.

How do you explain the feeling you get

When you finally find someone

That you want to make…

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The little life saving station

Once there sat a small life saving station by the sea shore of a small fishing village. The rough currents and the rocks that surrounded the opening of the port damaged or wrecked numerous ships just off the coast. The stranded and scared travelers would jump into the cold dark water and swim for their lives as their damaged ship slowly sunk beneath the raging waters of the unforgiving sea. Because of all the lives that were lost to the sea, one of the villagers decided to build a life… Continue

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The Splash Felt Around The World - An Allegorical Fish Story

Trip to Ascertain Bend

Jackie and his brother, Stephen, had grown up fishing in the various creeks, ponds, and lakes that populates the Bibb and Perry county area. While growing up in Marion, they fished at Shady Grove Lake in Bibb County with their father and grandfather. Now grown, Jackie and Stephen often traveled over to Lakeland Farms. They spent hours fishing on the numerous lakes that characterize the large dairy farm.

Jackie Brandon decided that he had…

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