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The Question

How do you explain love?
Every time you look into that special someone’s eyes
You experience everything you’ve been longing for.
What words can you use to explain it?

Are there any words that can be chosen;
What words need to be spoken,
To describe the wonderful pleasures felt
As our bodies lie entangled together.

How do you explain the feeling you get
When you finally find someone
That you want to make love to;
To be loved by for the rest of your life.

It’s just; I do not know what to say
The feeling I have I can not explain it
It’s just, I do not know
How do you explain love?

The Proposal

How do you explain love or the feeling you get;
Every time you look into that special someone’s eyes?
What clarifying words do you use to explain it?
The feeling of being in love with somebody you longed for.

What are the words that will justly explain when they are chosen?
Reveal the words you use to describe the wonderful pleasures felt.
What emotional words you think need to be sweetly and gently spoken?
Meaningful words of love whispered as two bodies lie entangled together.

So, disclose how you explain the wonderful, satisfied feeling that you get,
The moment you have found someone to make love to without any regret.
How do you feel when you finally find someone with whom you perfectly fit?
How do you explain the sheer longing to be loved by them for the rest of your life?

It’s just; I do not know what words I want to use to explain what I need to say.
These mystical feelings of love have suddenly come over me; I can not explain it.
However, I do know that I want to completely love my woman every night and day.
It’s just; I really can not conceive the right words needed to explain my love for her.

So tell me; what words do you use to express your deep desire for your soul mate?
Explain why you intimately yearn to make love to them for the rest of your life.
I really do love my woman, and I promise you to her I will always remain true.
I just need your help discovering the right words to use to ask her to be my wife.

The Answer

I wish I could tell you how to explain love.
However, no words can be use to vividly describe;
The joy experienced when you decided to be mine,
Or the feelings I get every time I stare into your eyes.

The moments our bodies lie entangled and mangled together;
Passionately, whispers of imitate words are softly spoken;
Still, there are no correct words that can to be chosen;
To acutely describe the power of the orgasmic pleasures felt:

There is a wonderful completion that comes when you hold me close.
That is why I am really glad that we will soon be husband and wife.
But, there are no words to rightly explain the excitement I have.
Knowing you will be an important part of me for the rest of my life.

The truth is I really do not know one proper word that I can use.
I can not accurately explain the love that I intensely have for you.
I believe love is an emotion that is better shown rather than spoken.
Love is showing just how much I care by the compassionate things I do.

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