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Promotion for The Kings of Pickens Hill - Life is stranger than fiction

Have you read the new revised edition of The Kings of Pickens Hill – Life Is Stranger than Fiction? It’s not just another factious crime novel! No, it’s much more than that!

This novel vividly details the realistic struggles of a rural town’s fight against gangs, drugs, and drug dealers. Although this does not read like a crime novel, you will be surprised! It actually is a story about crime. Upon reading this exciting story, you will be introduced to the lives of several characters, one of which is a young woman, 'Keisha’, who grew up abused by her father. She has had a rough life and just when her life is getting better; it suddenly gets even worse! She won't stay out of jail without some help.

She looked at him; he didn’t have a care in the world. He didn't work because the family gave him money. Still, he was not happy. She thought that he really cared about her, but lately it show more and more that he didn't. Then the cheating started, but that is just what men do. But men don’t do this. Right now she needed Del to hit her so she wouldn’t go to jail for killing him.

Still, it’s even more than a crime novel about a ruthless gangster named Frank Riggers and his sister’s plans to take over a ruthless criminal enterprise and develop it into a nation-wide crime network of drugs, sex, and murder; it’s much more.

It’s a mystery as well because of 'Stephen Hogan’, the police chief. He has a rough time keeping the drugs off the streets of a small town in Alabama and just when his job is getting easier; it suddenly gets even worse! Someone takes out the entire police department. But, watch out because someone is killing drug dealers, also.

The rear door of the car slowly opened and Frank Riggers stepped out and forcefully shook Randall’s hand. Immediately, the trunk popped open and the three men walked around to the rear of the Bentley. Scott easily lifted the large suitcase out of the open trunk and placed it on the picnic table. Seconds later, Randall purchased three hundred pounds and scheduled another delivery for six months later. Chief Hogan’s new Ford Expedition police cruiser slowly pulled out of the hiding spot overlooking Bobbie’s trailer and drove home.

The Kings Of Pickens Hill – Life Is Stranger Than Fiction is a complex story of drug dealing, murder, and intrigue as the helpless town finally comes to understand the only person to get them out of the deadly and dangerous situation a simple traffic stop brings is someone no one expected. It’s quite an excitingly erotic urban crime novel.

Copyright 2007
Pastor Reginald Levi Walker
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ISBN #: 978-0-557-20276-8
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Book Title: The Kings Of Pickens Hill - Life Is Stranger Than Fiction.

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ISBN 978-0-557-20276-8

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