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Letter of Support for the Fair Elections Now Act (H.R.1826) to a Congressman

July 28, 2009

Congressman McCarthy,

It is essential that the corruptive influence of “big-money” be taken out of our “democratic” process. Industry should have a voice or “say” in that democratic process, but as it stands now, those entities with the larger bankrolls far exceed their proper influence. It is this imbalance that creates deep apathy and disdain for the elective process AND for those elected under that imbalance. It should be the policies and stands on issues… Continue

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Bringing Karl Rove to Justice; Holding Karl Rove Accountable

February 18, 2009

Congressman Conyers,

Thank you for your efforts and perseverance in the prosecution of Karl Rove. I believe him to be an arrogant manipulator of policy within the Bush Administration and possibly beyond. I also believe him to be traitorous in that he has caused much damage to our country in order to benefit and "elevate" himself and his cronies in a multitude of ways. He has NOT acted on behalf of the vast majority of citizens and his policies have caused much… Continue

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Exchange with Congressman Regarding Health Care Reform

July 21, 2009

Congressman McCarthy--

We wish to respond to the reply you emailed us; your reply is copied below:


"July 21, 2009

Dear Tom and Diane:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me in support of reforming our health care system.

I couldn't agree more; our current health care system must be reformed so that health care is more… Continue

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Fillibuster and Congressional Bill "Trailers"

i'm somewhat unsure as to the actual history and need/motive for the concept and procedure of filibuster. i seem to recall it having something to do with protecting the political presence/“currency” of small(er) states. things get tweeked over time and depending on the needs of the tweekers regardless of political party. can anyone inform on this and then begin a conversation as to how we can eliminate the abuses? i think that might be a start in creating a more functional… Continue

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Letter to Senator Feinstein Regarding the Clean Air Act

July 23, 2009

Dear Senator Feinstein

We were very disappointed to see where lobbyists for Big Coal were able to prevail in vital wording within the House energy bill. That wording repeals a key Clean Air Act provision; if passed as is that bill would lock in a new generation of dirty coal power and block many of the solar and wind power jobs that our country dearly needs.

While we realize that the bill does some good things, like improving energy efficiency, we… Continue

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President Bush's Corrupt Immunity Protection for Drug Companies

We are very upset about the inclusion of immunity protection for drug companies at the last minute by select members of the Senate who claim to be “Patriots” or “Civil Servants.” Clearly, both the substance and methodology of that last minute inclusion belie a far different reality.

These provisions were slipped into the conference report at midnight on Sunday. After many Senators and House members had already signed the conference report, Majority Leader Frist and Speaker Hastert… Continue

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Letter Supporting the Preservation of the Del Monte Forest

On June 14th the California Coastal Commission is meeting in Santa Rosa for a critical hearing that could decide the fate of one of the few remaining stands of coastal pine trees, the Del Monte Forest in the Carmel area. Unfortunately, perhaps, for these trees, the “intelligent designer” failed to realize the risks of putting them in an area where golf courses that would cater to the very rich and powerful try to rule the environment. Never mind the fact that such areas are “national… Continue

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Letter to a Congressperson Regarding the Formation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Congressman Kevin McCarthy

1523 Longworth Building

Washington, DC 20515

July 10, 2009

Congressman McCarthy,

I want to ask you to co-sponsor and/or support a strong Consumer Financial Protection Agency. For too long banks and credit card companies have been able to use deceptive methods to lure unsuspecting consumers into credit situations that they, the consumer, had no business engaging in.

This new agency would be able to implement… Continue

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Letter in support of Amnesty International Watch

When a member of any society is murdered or otherwise silenced, the message is shouted out that those responsible or who have condoned the silencing are, for all practical purposes, evil. Those people who have a responsibility to bring the silencers to justice are equally evil if they turn their backs on or otherwise ignore the harsh reality for ANY reason. That sort of evil concerns the vast majority of people in the world.

Anything short of comprehensive and thorough pursuit of the… Continue

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