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Bringing Karl Rove to Justice; Holding Karl Rove Accountable

February 18, 2009
Congressman Conyers,

Thank you for your efforts and perseverance in the prosecution of Karl Rove. I believe him to be an arrogant manipulator of policy within the Bush Administration and possibly beyond. I also believe him to be traitorous in that he has caused much damage to our country in order to benefit and "elevate" himself and his cronies in a multitude of ways. He has NOT acted on behalf of the vast majority of citizens and his policies have caused much suffering for those people. He has been "found out" and exposed; the people of our country demand accountability as much as it is demanded of them by government and society.
Pardon my reference, but DON'T LET THIS SLIMY CREATURE BACK INTO HIS DARK HIDING PLACE ! ! ! We may never fully recover or repair the damage from these past 8 years; those responsible should bear the full burden as readily as they wallowed in the "glory."

Thank you for your consideration and your continued efforts in this matter.


t. d.

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