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These exercises are performed sitting

Place the soft pads of the middle fingers vertically on the sides of the head right in front of the ears, and the index fingers just behind the ears. Slowly open and close the mouth while paying attention to the changing shape of the joint of the jaw underneath the middle finger tips. Do not apply any pressure. Perform the movements a few times very slowly with the eyes closed. Allow awareness to circulate inside the cavity of the TMJ, while bathing in the sensations occurring around the slow movements of the jaw, and the fingertips. Now you have identified the gateway to a most sublime evolutionary hotspot. In a very early phase of our embryonic development, the primitive gill arches appear from the earlier evolution, then transform into the anatomical structures of the jaw, inner ear and the five cranial nerves of the social nervous system.

Place the middle fingers perpendicular to the sides of the head, thumbs pointing up and the fingertips at the center of the joint of the jaw. Try this with your eyes closed. Relax and focus awareness on the point of contact between the fingertip and the joint of the jaw. Do not exert any pressure with the fingertips.

Very slowly begin to open the mouth. As the joint opens, the fingertips will gently float into the opening of the joint. It is very subtle, like a snowflake dissolving on the surface of a body of water.

As you slowly close the mouth and jaw, at around the half-way point, the anatomical structures of the jaw bones will begin to exert pressure on the fingertips. As you continue to close, the fingertips will be pushed back out to the surface of the (closed) joint. Repeat the process three times, then rest.

As the fingertip gently floats into the open joint, it makes subtle contact with the cranial nerve ending inside the TMJ. This contact introduces new information into the nerve and the. neuropeptides

Lie still afterward and absorb the fruits of the exercise, simply by being aware of its effects.

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