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An exercise for the TMJ


These exercises are performed sitting

Place the soft pads of the middle fingers vertically on the sides of the head right in front of the ears, and the index fingers just behind the ears. Slowly open and close the mouth while paying attention to the changing shape of the joint of the jaw underneath the middle finger tips. Do not apply any pressure. Perform the movements a few times very slowly with the eyes closed. Allow awareness to circulate inside the cavity of… Continue

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Top-Down Yoga exercise

Here is an anatomical drawing of the muscles of the eyes;

Take a bit of time to absorb each instructions before incorporating the next.

Lying down, find a comfortable position in which you can completely let go, into stillness. Use as many pillows as you wish. Begin by releasing all nerve and muscle force of the jaw, down and very slightly back, and turning the tip of the tongue up toward the palate.… Continue

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Neurosomatic Adaptation and Cultural Metamorphosis

Top-Down Yoga

Transforming the Bodymind -

Evolving the Culture

Top-Down Yoga is an easy-to-learn, revolutionary approach to subtle-body self-regulation. Perhaps the most unique system for personal and collective development available today, Top-Down Yoga integrates first-person science and somatics, with the recent new understanding of the mammalian social nervous system. This, coupled with advanced yet simple methods of self-regulation from the Tibetan tradition, creates a… Continue

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