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Neurosomatic Adaptation and Cultural Metamorphosis

Top-Down Yoga
Transforming the Bodymind -
Evolving the Culture

Top-Down Yoga is an easy-to-learn, revolutionary approach to subtle-body self-regulation. Perhaps the most unique system for personal and collective development available today, Top-Down Yoga integrates first-person science and somatics, with the recent new understanding of the mammalian social nervous system. This, coupled with advanced yet simple methods of self-regulation from the Tibetan tradition, creates a transformational experience.

The practice initiates a cascade of unwinding within the autonomic nervous systems, and effectively unifies the neurosomatic with the spiritual, forever changing the way we practically experience ourselves and others. A practical result is that we end up creating new social behaviors, which themselves are regulated by neurological patterns. Change the pattern, change the result; our collective evolution now unfolds within a luminous ‘body’ of adaptive wisdom.

As Top-Down-Yoga addresses and heals the most fundamental elements of our experiential being and relationship-body, not on a conceptual but a truly physical level, it contains within it a rare power to jump-start profound and lasting change in your life, and in the world we live in. There has never been a better time.

Because each person already embodies the innate evolutionary biotechnology which the system harnesses, no prior yogic or scientific background is needed to spawn optimal results! Wherever you are in your path, the practice of Top-Down Yoga is a proven method to increase your wisdom awareness, inner balance, and loving-kindness.

By dissolving simple physiological obstacles which have only now been recognized, you will come into a new state of balance, and your heart naturally opens with full compassion. The opening of one’s heart and body is a part of a larger shift we are all now experiencing, and through the dissemination of this practice the potential of balancing an out of balanced world will increase.

Lorin Kiely, has developed Top Down Yoga, an exceptional form of movement exercises. Using Top Down Yoga, a surprisingly large number of people will be able to enjoy quick, effective and much needed self-regulation of their nervous system. Top Down Yoga can help people out of acute and chronic states of stress and depression.
In our culture we usually think that states of stress (fight and flight) and depression (collapse) are caused primarily by psychological, biographical elements which then express themselves in physiological changes – in other words, we generally believe that the mind and emotions come first and the physiology follows.
However, the opposite might well be true more often than suspected: our emotional state might be the result of our physiological state. The function of our nervous system and the balance of our hormones are in many cases the causes of our states of happiness or unhappiness. The body comes first and the psychology follows. To improve the psychology, you need to improve the body.
Tensions in the neck, jaw and eyes are often the real cause of many of our negative emotional states. These tensions can put pressure on cranial nerves creating dysfunction. Top Down Yoga exercises address these tensions, restores proper function of these nerves and brings us into positive states of being - opening the possibility for us to experience states of creativity, joy and social interaction.
Lorin brings together decades of devoted practice of yoga and meditation with some of the best teachers in the world with the new understanding of the autonomic nervous system, the Polyvagal Theory, as proposed by Dr. Stephen Porges.
I believe that his creation of Top Down Yoga is a major breakthrough that can help you and many other people. I believe that Top down is worth learning and using when needed or on a daily basis.
-- Stanley Rosenberg,

"The somatic revelation provided by Lorin Kiely's Top-Down-Yoga is the grand unification practice bridging individual and social evolution that we have all been awaiting. The change our world now imminently requires will be possible only with a profound repatterning of our most basic human responses and perceptions. Top-Down Yoga is the most accessible, direct, and universal practice I have seen outside of religious contexts which can reach the profound levels such change requires."
--Alden Bevingon

There never has been a more critical time to find new ways to directly intervene in and transform the roots of our collective habitual psycho-somatic patterns. Top-Down Yoga provides new and untried avenues, which go to the roots of our embodiment, for bringing about the urgently needed course corrections in human affairs. Lorin's articulation of Top-Down-Yoga represents a nascent yet powerful movement of self-regulatory capacity building and auto-augmentation of awareness in the sphere of human biology. His work needs to be supported and nurtured so that it's powerful and sweeping potentials to cultivate and harness our collective intelligence as a socially applicable field phenomena can be realized. -- Mark Comings

Top Down Yoga is the most impressive new technology of consciousness to emerge in a very long time. Like Rebirthing or Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Top Down Yoga will change the way we think of ourselves, our lives, and our nervous systems.
--David Bruce Leonard, L.Ac.

I think that Lorin has an incredible key to healing trauma. This body of work fills in the gaps of psychological, emotional and physical trauma, and bridges many schools of thought, in a scientific and practical way. I am sharing this with all my students and friends that work with trauma. This work is truly on the leading edge of personal growth and development work. Top-Down Yoga is the bridge that will take many of the body mind therapies to the next level. Thank you Lorin for your persistence.
--Judith Johnson

Top-Down Yoga is one of the most universally applicable self-regulation techniques since it can be adapted to virtually any physical circumstances. The infirm can use it therapeutically and the healthy to recalibrate the whole system. A great new form of psychophysical reintegration and social healing.
--Iona Miller, CHT

What a blessing that Lorin has brought to us. I've never encountered a system so simple, so easy, and so organic that brings such amazing results. I felt the difference from the first time I did the Top-Down Yoga for just 15 minutes. This process excites me because it is a tool of deep integration. It works for those who are intentionally raising their consciousness... and I also sense great healing potential for those who have experienced brain or nervous system injury. I am in awe of the possibilities that open to us and to the world.
Donna Bradley

Top-Down Yoga -- so named because it involves subtle and powerful exercises "from the neck up" -- activates certain neurological pathways or what is called the "Social Engagement System." Identified by Dr. Stephen Porges as the most advanced human brain organization, the Social Engagement System makes people intelligible to each other and helps regulate the autonomic nervous system away from excessive reliance on the mechanisms of arousal and fear. Not only does this system allow us to "read" the facial expressions and other subtle cues in human communication but it acts as a gateway to the kinds of deep meditation and abilities that have long been the province of yogis and other spiritual adepts. The beauty of Top-Down Yoga is that anyone can learn to do it and anyone can benefit.
Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda

"In these times of evolutionary change, what we need more than a new theory of evolution is a practice of evolution. Top-Down Yoga is a simple and elegant way to experience the new human heart / mind. This new "technology" is not part of any "church" or religious organization such as TM, but an effective practice for everyone. It is exactly the kind of tool we need right now to 'go sane' individually, and as a species."

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Comment by Mackie J.V. Blanton on October 17, 2009 at 8:26pm
Here's a web site on Google, a longish video of more chat and "demonstrations" that, to me, look more like Sit Down Feldenkreis exercises:
Comment by Mackie J.V. Blanton on October 17, 2009 at 8:21pm
I don't get it. There's all this chat here about Top-Down Yoga but no video demonstration or a useful url link to books or a web site.


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