Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Answer only to God

And as the world limits you and takes
A toll that is exacting to the soul
Remember the true calling
The ancient promise
And the hearts true direction
And answer only to God

For God’s Guidance will
Show you the Way to find
The Love that is your true intention
The path that is the way to be
Working for the good of all

And as you remember the Promise to serve
The answers you seek will come to you
The strength you need is given
And the truth will be molded from your true being

The doors will be open into the inner Sanctuary
And you shall be given a Robe of golden threads
As a gift from the angels who surround you

You shall be handed the keys to the kingdom of heaven
And you will remember why you have come
And what you are doing here

The old ways are rapidly falling away
The new world is emerging
And in this new world God’s Way is brought into Being
The false shall fail
The Ones of God shall be the Ambassadors of the Light
And bring New hope to those who seek their true calling
And it is whispered to your soul
Answer only to God

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