Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The World is changing rapidly, and as we all get on the same page, people of the world are demanding teh same rights. The Truth is Universal, an dthe World is catching up with that.

The Truth is Universal

As I journey on the Road of Life
A Whole new World to See,
Surrounded by new places
And so many different ways to be,

As I look into the Hearts and the Eyes I do Believe,
That there are Truths Universal
That are the Same in you and me.

Not the Same languages
Or the same ways to make money,
Not the same food to eat
Or similar culture to be.

Yet there is a Similar Spirit
There is the Same love that’s there.
There is the same deep caring
In what we’re all doing here.
There are things that are universal
And they shall always be.
There is the same Light that’s in the Eyes
Of every human being.
There is a Cry to be heard
When there world a falls apart.
There is a common thread
That lives in each and every heart.
We may not speak the same language
We may not live the same way.
Yet there’s a common Brotherhood
That ties us together every day.
Although are ways are different
Some truth will always ring true.
Look for that deep oneness
That’s in the love in me and you.
Look for the light in every soul
That’s seeking to be free.
There is a common brotherhood
Alive in you and me.

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