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Beautiful Nahi released her last "ha" at 12:20 PM. She was surrounded by her ohana & went peacefully.

A prayer for Aunti Nahi:

May you hold the Bliss of Life
In your Beautiful Hands,
And pour the Elixir of Life,
Which is all-encompassing Love,
Over your Self,
Within and Without,
Drenched in the pure,
Compassion and Forgiveness
of our Bountiful Divine Creator!!

As many of you know, Aunti Nahi is not just Aunti . . . she is daughter, mother and grandmother, honored elder, and one of the 13 Pacifica Indigenous Grandmothers Council.

Her life is a precious jewel, glowing with Aloha, living it's principles.

At this time, we need to give back to her all that she has given to us.

Please join me in the prayer above, envisioning her in perfect health and wholeness, as well as holi-ness. Know that cancer cells are present in every body all the time, and these particular ones have simply multiplied beyond all reason. It is now time to command these cells to release from her beautiful body, to be transformed by Akua and FatherSky/Mother Earth, so that all can be in balance for Nahi, within and without.

We love her. We KNOW we love her! Now it's time to show her we love her. . . . together, we will do what she may not be able to do by herself.

Amama nua loa ~ This prayer has flown.

'A 'ai mano i none
O ka Pueo kani mai ana
O kona lua kini
Ina e ke kamali'i
Hiki lele na 'ohana e
E ko, e ko e ke kia
Pau, e lono e, ua ola e!

Oh, Pueo, use your magic
To bring peace to the family
Release malignancy
And heal your child!
End the sickness!~Oh, Lono, she lives!!

c/o Robin Youngblood

To Assist Beautiful Auntie Nahi in her journey - Please visit:

Mahalo & Aloha
Mama Crow

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Comment by Mothercrow on September 23, 2010 at 6:20pm
Beautiful Nahi released her last "ha" at 12:20 PM. She was surrounded by her ohana & went peacefully. Please keep Nahi & her ohana in your prayers.


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