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Beautiful Nahi released her last "ha" at 12:20 PM. She was surrounded by her ohana & went peacefully.

A prayer for Aunti Nahi:

May you hold the Bliss of Life

In your Beautiful Hands,

And pour the Elixir of Life,

Which is all-encompassing Love,

Over your Self,

Within and Without,

Drenched in the pure,


Compassion and Forgiveness

of our Bountiful Divine Creator!!

As many of you know, Aunti Nahi is not just Aunti . . . she is daughter, mother and grandmother, honored…


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Message from Paul

Excerpt from message I received 5/6/10

[…It is I – Paul – giving you…


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Nature / Nurture - How Have Your Personal Experiences in this Lifetime Left its' Footprint?

My experiences in this lifetime have made their "footprints" felt upon my life. That is to say those qualities inherent of my soul at birth were affected by things I have learned, not only as a child, but also as an adult – As I believe as we continue to learn and face challenges, pain, sorrow, sadness, etc. – we grow & change with every new branch that blossoms from our tree of life.

Some of us acquire new and valuable skills… Continue

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The Channel of Life: A Story of Divine Redemption

As I lay silently staring into the darkness of my bedroom ceiling, focusing on how dark and quiet and lonely this particular night seemed to be, wondering just how in the world I was going to go about stopping this perpetual cycle of pain and torment I was trapped in, where was God?

"Why aren’t you here? – Why haven’t you answered my cries Father?" Only silence – nothing at all… nothing more than darkness and silence… Continue

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Crow Mother

I have spent many years learning about Crow Medicine and living within its reality. And trust me not of my own desire to learn – this path is truly not a chosen path but literally takes you along kicking & screaming if necessary.

You are so strongly guided along your path that there is no deviation – no turning back – and no choice but to take notes and try to learn and grow spiritually from the experience or feel as if you… Continue

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