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Nature / Nurture - How Have Your Personal Experiences in this Lifetime Left its' Footprint?

My experiences in this lifetime have made their "footprints" felt upon my life. That is to say those qualities inherent of my soul at birth were affected by things I have learned, not only as a child, but also as an adult – As I believe as we continue to learn and face challenges, pain, sorrow, sadness, etc. – we grow & change with every new branch that blossoms from our tree of life.

Some of us acquire new and valuable skills from the challenges in our life and we GROW from them – thus we are nurtured into new life and a new way of being – others are stifled by these new conscious lessons and regress loosing the opportunity for growth.

There are mysteries in this lifetime that even I have questions about that cannot be answered, I was told, until I have fully traveled my own path. What’s more, there are questions, others may have – maybe you – that cannot be answered YET because the answer would prevent you from the life experience you came to have in the first place.

That’s why when people ask me to help them overcome issues that are nurturing their journey – be it difficult or impossible in their minds eye – I have to take a step back and see in my minds eye what Spirit does and doesn’t want me to do – and sometimes this means – nothing. “It’s their journey – their path, if you walk it for them you will have helped them fail”, is what I’m told.

I witnessed the outcome of many years of parental abuse on adult individuals that otherwise would be centered, spiritual and happy beings in all other respects – but deep inside these painful memories that continue to reside within them as an energy consuming them and causing them emotional distress many years later after the abuse had ended. As an Empath – I could literally feel the painful energy of these souls' lifetimes due to wrongful nurturing.

So this brings me to my point – We must, as caregivers for our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, children of the world – for each other – WE MUST NURTURE these souls with love and respect at all costs – We are connected – we are part of each other and part of the Great Mystery – We are One!

To all those harmed by WRONGFUL NURTURING – set yourselves free – walk along the ocean and feel the beautiful sea water cleanse & Heal your soul – allow these waters to wash your spirit clean.

No one can hurt you any longer – YOU ARE THE OWNER OF YOUR JOURNEY! Claim it live it and rejoice in knowing that you have a power so awesome walking right next to you, carrying you, within you, that you can at any time overcome your past & painful memories for good.

Set them free!

Set yourself free!

Be Love Today & Always

Blessings to You

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