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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Excerpt from message I received 5/6/10

[…It is I – Paul – giving you my words to heal your soul – I say again – You need not worry of these things of this Earth as this will all fall away and be for not. Your entire life is as it should be - you need only think about today – not of what you will do and how you will save your world for the years to come.

What about 2012 ? Can you tell me what will occur at this time?

I’d like to say that all is cast in stone but at this time it is really up to the masses to decide how the Earth will be affected by the coming shift.

What is the coming shift?

The Shift is a shift in consciousness alone – which in turn will change the way you see your world – The Earth in itself will remain whole – it is the way in which you might perceive this world that is in question.

Therefore my daughter, you must not fret this day or any other day – you are well cared for and watched over …]

Visualize Peace

May We Always Walk A Sacred Path

Mama Crow

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