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The Channel of Life: A Story of Divine Redemption

As I lay silently staring into the darkness of my bedroom ceiling, focusing on how dark and quiet and lonely this particular night seemed to be, wondering just how in the world I was going to go about stopping this perpetual cycle of pain and torment I was trapped in, where was God?

"Why aren’t you here? – Why haven’t you answered my cries Father?" Only silence – nothing at all… nothing more than darkness and silence followed.

The hours drew on and on and as the warm stinging sensation of the salty water washed down the sides of my cheeks, I lay there in bed wondering, "Who will care for my babies? Who will love them like I do? Where will they go when I figure out how to stop this wheel of time and get off? I really really want to get off."

Just as the tears began to choke at my heart I reached over to the nightstand to grab a tissue and saw this little white moth beating himself up trying to get inside with me.

"Silly moth," I said. "There is no light in here. Why would you want to come in here with me, it’s so dark?"

And then the moth said "But the light is in your heart – that is where the light is."

"What!" I said. "That wasn’t the moth…"

I thought, "Oh I’ve really lost it now."… and with that the salty river of loss, anger, fear, hurt, and loneliness came forth…

"Who was there? – Am I crazy?! Where’s that darned tissue?"…and instead I felt the need to pick up a pencil and paper and write –

"Just write, it’s coming," I thought… so I did. I didn’t even have time to turn the light on!

"No! My beautiful child. You are loved."

"How come you are here?" I asked.

"Acknowledge me today."

I was in turmoil yesterday, but today I am found.

"Seek advice, knowledge, power, strength through me. I have come to you for this moment, only to guide you and heal you within. Happiness, prosperity and love are yours to give and to receive. A better light is ahead, sadness behind you. As you walk down this road and up the hill through the tunnel you will find my light. I have spoken – you must rest now. Goodbye my child – I love you."

And with these words, I was redeemed. This was the very last night I spent in darkness… Through the veils of time and space my Father reached forth and cleared away my tears, my loneliness and my sorrows, and to this day He and the many others He sends as His council, cleanse my heart and fill me with the Divine Love and Light.

This was how I was introduced to channeling. This was back in 1991 when, as a single mother, I was just returning from up north caring for my beautiful Grandmother who had just passed over into God’s loving hands. I was trying to figure out how I was going to keep a roof over the heads of my two beautiful boys… All I had to do was ask. It was literally that easy… I know, easy for me to say. Sometimes they say some of us have to literally be brought to our knees in order to hear God speak with us. When in actuality if you quiet your mind, as in some form of prayer or meditation, you can learn to hear His voice anytime you wish. He is always with you and when you write down what you hear, this becomes a valuable record of your channeled messages of His Love.

This experience forever changed the lives of my two beautiful sons and me. I literally got up after receiving that first message and flushed the bottle of Vicodin down the toilet. You can feel the sincerity of His messages way deep in your heart – there is no mistaking them and therefore no need for fear.

I have come to learn that the innocent songs made up by me, that young little girl so long ago on her way to school, were the songs that were being sung with me by God and his angels… Have you ever wondered where this music comes from? God’s precious light is that close to us… it’s always there. You just need to trust your intuition, your thoughts and most of all your heart. As children it comes very easily. But sometimes as adults we get filled with life and pain and we have learned to block this light out. So do yourself a favor and re-open the lines of communication. Free yourself and allow this Divine Love to fulfill every dream and happiness you have ever thought possible. It’s all there… meditate, journal your thoughts, dreams, and even those times when you feel you are talking to yourself. Yes, we all have our little talks with God – even when you think he’s not listening. He is and with oh so much Love. Become aware of the voice within!

It was these messages that saved my life – That Gave My Life Back to Me! – that brought me through a time of loneliness and despair so dark that only a little moth with the light of God could find me. To this very day the channeled messages I receive are providing love and guidance not only to myself, but to many others around and within my life. But I always like to say to anyone that will listen, that God’s answers are already there within your own heart – all you have to do is quiet your mind just long enough to hear them. Sometimes all you need are pad and pencil as tools to help put you on a path to Divine Redemption and Love.

Dear Beautiful Child, He is Love.

Mama Crow

Published 2004 in Linda Pynaker's book Make It Happen!

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