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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I have spent many years learning about Crow Medicine and living within its reality. And trust me not of my own desire to learn – this path is truly not a chosen path but literally takes you along kicking & screaming if necessary.

You are so strongly guided along your path that there is no deviation – no turning back – and no choice but to take notes and try to learn and grow spiritually from the experience or feel as if you could possibly loose yourself forever.

Years ago I found myself finding crow feathers everywhere! Never in my life had I found a single crow feather – but suddenly within the period of 3 weeks I found 27 crow feathers. Why? I had no idea – but something inside of me knew that my life was about to change drastically. I began to ask everyone I knew – healers, Medicine Men & Women – anyone who might shed some light on what the 27 crow feathers meant.

A few weeks later some friends and I decided to go on a vacation together. Where – we had no idea. So we allowed Spirit to choose our entire journey. It was a truly mystical event.

Several months later we found ourselves deep in Indian country – Arizona, four corners. My own heritage is of Chumash Ancestry which are the Native American California Coastal peoples – For me little did I know I was about to embark on a journey so mystical and so beautiful that it would change my life forever.

One of our more mystical stops was Second Mesa, AZ - the Hopi Reservation. A Hopi woman at the cultural center there asked if we were the healers from California they were expecting – She smiled and said “We knew you were coming”.

They gave us a two rooms up on the top floor of the lodge, where we were able to sit out in folding chairs up on the roof where the view was unbelievable – you could see for miles all around – We set about our work and began our prayer circle up there on the roof – One could literally feel the electricity in the air – as we prayed and called upon Spirit for Blessings – we held hands tightly as we began to feel and smell rain all around us – then the thunder beings came to visit and brought with them their lightening sticks – and with a noise so loud we felt the mesa would collapse – we lifted our heads to the Heavens only to see clear skies directly above us and dark, black clouds all around us – it was like as if we were in the eye of a storm. It poured rain for an hour just 5 feet all around but not a drop on us!

We all slept very restlessly that night and each of us had similar visions/dreams – we also had items in our rooms move about – maybe it was the electricity in the air that moved the items or as we’d like to think - Kokopelli came to visit.

At daylight there were some Hopi families who were sitting outside the Hopi Cultural center to show their wares – I walked directly over to one gentleman where I was immediately drawn to one kachina in particular and asked if I could pick her up – The gentlemen – told me that I must be of the Crow Clan because I was drawn to Angwusnasomtaka (Crow Mother) right away – the kachina I just picked up was the mother of all kachinas according to their culture.

I looked at him puzzled and he then introduced himself and his wife & children to me – and asked me if I was of the Crow Clan – He asked if I had experiences with Crow Medicine. It was then I remembered all the crow feathers – the 27 crow feathers! And he told me, oh yes – this is crow medicine. He asked me if my home was also connected to the crow – and I thought for a minute and told him, yes, as a matter of fact I have lived in my home which is under the flight path of the crow for over 40 years. Everyday they fly over on their way to wherever they travel to and they caw at me and flip in the air and play with one another and later in the evening they repeat the same show! It's as if they call my name as they fly over to greet me - good morning mama crow - caw and good night mama crow - caw caw caw!

He then went on to tell me that Crow Mother is a very special kachina and that she would guide me in along my journey and help me with the Crow Medicine. He told me it was a very difficult path for a woman and wasn’t sure why I was chosen but didn’t question it further saying that I must be a part of the Mother of Crow. He stated that I must be related to his clan which was also the Crow Clan.

We talked for quite a while about the medicine of the crow and then he shook my hand and wished me luck on my journey and asked if I would be back. And I said Yes, I will someday return.

I was in a daze for the rest of that day - it was like being in two different places in my mind simultaneously.

Crow Mother returned home with me...

The next day we were greeted by two old Navajo sisters who mysteriously appeared from the canyon floor out near Spider Rock in Canyon De Chelly and they thanked us for bringing the rain with us – saying it hadn’t rained there in 2 years like this and they desperately needed rain to heal Mother Earth.

You see – everything happens for a reason – sometimes we don’t understand certain things in our lives and reject them – when in actuality they might have been a beautiful mystical experience waiting to happen.

Crow’s messages to me are about honoring change in myself along with my own personal limitations – which might have never let me have this experience had I not gone along with the Universal flow of things.

I know I am here to experience life changes and they are not always comfortable and sometimes we have to go beyond our comfort zones to experience the true essence of light beings that we are.

Crow is the keeper of the akashic records, the sacred law of consciousness– all the memories bound within time & space that remain a part of our Souls will at some time or another be presented to us to learn from. Crow brings these lessons in the form of change – so as we think about our future today – honor our past experiences with love and forgiveness and always be thankful where Crow has taken us and where we are traveling to next – we should always remember what we bring forth today will manifest our tomorrows.

Always keep your integrity and be sure to take in fully, all that the Universe is here to present you with today.

If you see crow about your world – welcome this sometimes difficult medicine with open arms – As you heal your Conscious Self your body will begin its process of healing as well.

Change might be difficult but well worth the challenges it brings – It eventually changed my entire world and allowed me to open my heart to let love in.

That’s when I met Rick. But that’s another Blog!

Blessings of Light & Peace

Mama Crow

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