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Believe in the Miracle of Christmas


And if we ask to Believe in the Miracle of Christmas,

We must open our weary hearts,

To the Love that is Alive Within us

And within all of God’s Children.


We must celebrate the Christ that we can embody

 by allowing ourselves to believe

 in the Eternal  Spirit that is Alive in our Souls

A Spirit that we can bring into our lives.


The Spirit of Christmas is a time to receive

The gifts given by God Through the Christ in us.


And as we believe we are worthy

We can share these gifts with others.

We can be Born anew with Hope

That the Presence of Spirit brings.

And we are given the greatest gift of all

The birth of God’s Love in our Hearts,

A gift that we can share with others.


So Light the Flame of the yuletide,

As has been done for such a long time,

And pray for the Miracle of Light to Come

To this world even on the darkest night,

A world that is so in need of Healing,

So in need of peace

And so in need of Love.


And let yourself Believe in the Miracle

Of Christ’s Light which is alive

as God’s Love in us,

Let yourself be the Miracle of Christmas.





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