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by Douglas Kilburg on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 9:42am


Winslow, Arizona

Friday, September 2nd – Sunday, September 11th

Just a few miles outside of Winslow Arizona sits scenic Clear Creek, McHood Reservoir Park, and "The RockPile Amphitheatre". On September 2nd through the 11th a most unique event will take place, the Clear Creek Festival for Peace and Freedom. What began as a 4-day festival has grown into a 10-day historic event. Gateway to the reservation lands, Winslow, has opened a door for a multi-cultural festival that includes the small towns of the area and the Hopi, and Dine’ (Navajo) Tribes.

Musicians and artists from all over the country are on board for this project. The event will be broadcast on Peace Day TV, the United Nations International Day of Peace Global Broadcast. The events will engage numerous collaborators and partners from around country, to reach a combined audience base of 200 million viewers.

The Hopi are creating a powerful presence for this festival. Renowned Hopi artist, Anthony Honahnie is working on the festival poster and the t-shirt design. The local dance group will be dancing, not only at the opening ceremony, but daily. Opening day will include the blessing from a Hopi Tuhikya, or Medicine Person and musicians from the mesas will be coming to play.

From the Dine’, or Navajo, likewise, we are receiving an incredible influx. Bands and artists are coming to share their talents with the world. A Medicine Man will be coming in to add their blessings to the event, at the opening ceremony.

The art of Northeastern Arizona will be well represented during the festival and some inspiring and truly unique art and jewelry will be on display and available for purchase. Here in the high country there is probably more world-class art per capita than anywhere else on the planet.

The RockPile Amphitheatre & Promotions, along with the Clear Creek Association for the Arts, Inc. (a not for profit) are working together to bring this event to the world. It promises to be an unparalleled event of music, art and peace. For all interested parties contact information is (928) 386-2372, The RockPile Amphitheater, P.O. Box 640, Winslow, AZ 86047, or email us at or visit our website for ticket sales. We welcome your participation.

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