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Early Bird Advance Ticket Sales Savings/Camping

by Douglas Kilburg on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 5:51pm

Tickets for the Clear Creek Festival for Peace and Freedom are now on sale at reduced price for a limited time. If you're on a limited budget the time to buy is now. $25.00 per day, $65.00 for a three-day pass (can be used for any three days), and $200.00 for the Grand ten-day pass. As we stated this will only last a limited amount of time. You won't find a better price anywhere.



Being able to afford an event in the current economic climate can be an incredible strain. At The RockPile Amphitheatre there are options that make life and enjoyment affordable. Across the road you’ll find a place to camp at a nominal cost. Though the campground is not completed, much has been done, and it will be hospitable. Water is available, and we plan to have solar showers up by festival time. Porta-Potties will be in place and cleaned on a regular schedule. Landscaping has not been done so bring a tarp for shade.


For those who can’t afford the price of a place to stay it’s simple. This is rural Northeastern Arizona you can find a place to camp for free just by looking. We have wide-open spaces, and cute little nooks waiting for a tent or sleeping bag. I personally prefer the stars at night, unless rain is in the forecast. Just remember that someone is going to have to clean up the mess, so keep a tidy camp, and show some respect for the ecology of our area. Desert plants have shallow root systems that can be damaged by off-road vehicles. Please mind your manners. If you want to see something stay on roads or take a little hike.


The two small towns in the area, Winslow and Holbrook, have limited infrastructure for the masses. Hotels, and motels are a short list. Winslow is a couple of miles away from The RockPile, and Holbrook is only 30 miles out. After these are filled people need to go to Flagstaff. There are plenty of rooms available there. Just remember it’s a 60-mile ride to get there. We’re used to it. Living rural in Arizona means your neighbors are as much a 200 miles away. It’s no big deal.


The big plus about camping is not the savings. It’s where you are and what you get to see. Chevelon Canyon out Territorial Road, Clear Creek Canyon, Sitgreaves National Forest 40-miles out, and that’s just the beginning. If you want to know where there is something worth seeing just ask. Someone will be glad to show you. We want you to enjoy our home.

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