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A new type of greenhouse made from an earth friendly aviation technology has just been released by my friends at Contech Composites, Inc.(CCI). CCI is a new sustainable company out of Centralia, WA that manufactures two new models of modular composite greenhouses called “Grow Smart Greenhouses” and “Roll-top Greenhouses.”
Grow Smart Greenhouse standard models are:
10’ X 9’ X 10’
10’ X 9’ X 13’
10’ X 9’ X 16’, and beyond.
Each additional modular section will lengthen the greenhouse by 3 feet.

In process is their new line of smaller greenhouses called “Roll-top 4,” and “Roll-top 8.” These greenhouses look similar to an oversized roll-top BBQ, made of composite material with dimensions of 30” X 22” X 4’, and 30 X 22 X 8’.

This option is perfect for:
• A smaller yard
• A condo or apartment balcony
• A smaller footprint or those without a lawn

The Roll-top models are equipped with a locking mechanism, stop animal invasion, have adjustable legs for flexible heights, and the composite material diffuses light and adds privacy. Options include LED lighting, hydroponic or aeroponic capabilities, and worm tea nutrient options. Pricing is yet to be determined.

Both models have a 25+ year life expectancy.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. -

You call or email me for more information from their website.

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Comment by Radine! on August 22, 2010 at 8:17pm
Like GreenTech? Sustainable Materials? Listen to "ReCreatin' With Radine!" with Guests Kevin Hodge & Patti Beckwith of Contech Composites.
The GrowSmart GreenHouses are ready for shipping and there's a LOT more to come ~ See or call Kevin for pricing/shipping or questions 360-807-8535 for GrowSmart GreenHouse pics
Direct Link if player never stops 'buffering'
Download link
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