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MARCH 9TH & EVERY DAY THIS WEEK TO FRIDAY THE 13TH: Tune in at 11:11am EST. I will be singing "Cedar Giveaway" from my upcoming CD Medicine Song for your healing. Not recording it, so pls tune in with your intent.

"Cedar Giveaway" carries the medicine of emotional release, of letting go. Cedar leaves are a medicine. They're used for protection, clearing and purification, mostly through burning like incense or boiling the leaves in water.

When I offer to do a FREE Distance Healing group session, all you have to do is intend to receive the healing energy. Imagine tuning in to a radio station playing my song. Just take 15 minutes to relax and receive. If you can meditate or slow down your breathing, it will help. If not, just do your best to relax and let it in.

It's important with any healing to drink water. I always suggest drinking some water before and after the session, even if it's a worldwide group session.

I won't always record the song for later, especially if it's one I'm rehearsing from my new CD.

YOU DON'T NEED TO HEAR THE SONG to get the healing benefits of it when I do these distance healings. In that way, it's kind of like distance Reiki. Just relax & receive.

On any given rehearsal day leading up to my showcase next Friday March 13th, I might channel another healing song for you all. If I do, I'll record and upload it as an mp3. Then you'll get the additional benefits of listening and tuning in to the energy of the song embedded into the recording.

Feel free to leave me comments here about your experience of a group distance session.


Brenda, Medicine Song Woman


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