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Medicine Song I Channeled Today - excellent for clearing

Here is a free gift from my spirit to yours. You don't need to sign up for anything and I won't try and sell you anything. Yes, some things really are still free :)

Giving away free mp3s is one of my ways of giving back. I know firsthand what it's like to want healing but not have the money to pay a healer - so this is one way you can get some healing no matter what your finances are like. If you want a full one-on-one remote session with me, visit

I channeled this medicine song at 11:11am EST March 3, 2009. It carries an extremely high frequency and will affect you in a very positive way.

This is how I do "distance healing," except with a one-on-one, you would also get energy healing via crystals & other modalities and the song would be channeled specifically for you.

Enjoy and PLEASE be sure to follow the instructions. It's a very powerful song, so much so that I"ve had at least 4 litres of water today and still need more. Water helps move the energy through you - so please do follow the instructions provided, including drinking extra water.


*You are welcome to repost and share this link with your friends. Just make sure they get the instructions and not just the mp3. This song will shift your energy.

Love & Peace,
Brenda, Medicine Song Woman

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