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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A Course In Lucid Dreaming: LaBerge
Lucid Dreaming: LaBerge
Dreamscape: Vance
DreamLand Companion: Kutz
Lucid Waking: Feurstein
The Waking Dream: Grasse
Waking Up In Time: Russell
Sleeping, Dreaming, Dying: The Dalai Lama

Toward a Solar Civilisation: Aivanhov
Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Fideler
The Book of The Sun: Folley

Embracing The Beloved: Levine
The Path to Love: Chopra
Soul Mates: Moore
One Flesh: Poesnecker
Eulis: Affectional Alchemy...Randolph
The Immortality of Love...Randolph

Life Before Birth: Chu
Space, Time and Self: Pearson
The Ultimate Journey: Monroe
The Journey Home: Berman
Reaching Heaven: Praagh
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: Rinpoche
The Cirlce of Lives: Poesnecker
After Death: The Immortality of Man...Randolph

Light Consciousness: Kalita
Catching The Light: Zajonc
Light is a Living Spirit: Aivanhov
The Light Within Us: Japikse
Light, Medicine of the Future: Liberman
The Light Book: Hyman
The Universe and The Light: Hagger
Christ Consciousness: Paulsen
Cosmic Consciousness Revisited: May
Cosmic Consciousness: Bucke
The Secret of Light: Russell

Mysticism: Underhill
History of Mysticism: Abhayananda
Mystics as a Force for Change: Ghose
Flow: Csikszentmihalyi
Ecstasy: Laski
Experience and Philosophy: Wolff
The Bliss of Freedom: Charles

The Living Book of Nature: Aivanhov
Patterns of Nature: Schneck
The Golden Mean: Temple
Sacred Geometry: Lawlor
By Natures Design: Murphy
The Power of Limits: Doczi
The Mystic Spiral: Purce
Symbolic Language of Geometric Figures: O.M.A.
The Web In the Sea: Howell
Fractals, Patterns of Chaos: Briggs
A Beginners Gudie To Constructing the Universe: ........................................................Schneider

The Self-Aware Universe: Goswami
The Spiritual Universe: Wolf
The Holographic Universe: Talbot
Galactic Shamanism: St.Marie

Waking Up In Time: Russell
The Global Brain Awakens: Russel
The Coming of the Cosmic Christ: M.Fox
Spiritual Community Guide: Fuller
New Consciousness Sourcebook: Ellsberg
Guide for the New Renaissance: Poesnecker
The Common Experience: Cohen and Phipps
Varieties of Religious Experience: William James
Man and His Symbols: Carl Jung
A Dictionary of Symbols: Cirlot
The Millenium: Rough
The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: J.Campbell
The Hero With A Thousand Faces: J.Campbell
The Age of Spiritual Machines: Kurzweil
Aquarian Conspiracy: Ferguson
Fingerprints of the Gods: Hancock

Sadies Classical Music Guide: Sadie
Beethoven Compendium: Cooper
Secret Music of the Soul: Bernhardt
Beethoven and the Spiritual Path: Tame
Music to My Ears: Rubenstein
The Life of Mahler;The Early Years: De La Grange
Healing Sounds: Goldman

The Power of Color: Walker
Color and Meaning: Gage
Principles of Light and Color: Babbit
Color Your World: Don
Seven Keys to Color Healing: Hunt
Color and Human Response: Reinholdt
Harmonies of Sound and Color: DeVorss
Healing and Regeneration Through Music...
...and Color: Heline

BreathWalk: Khalsa
Healing Unlimited: Boardroom
Complete Guide To Natural Healing: Monte
Diet: A Key to Health by Clymer
Healing Energy: Mayell
Breatharianism: Foss
In Search of Health and Happiness: Poesnecker
The Healing of America:Williamson
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: Chopra
Timeless Healing: Benson

Voice of the Master: K. Ghibran
The Prophet: K. Ghibran

History of Art: Hanson
What Is Painting?: Bell
The Arts In The Modern World: Batschmann
Art Through the Ages 11th Ed.: Gardner
American Visions: Hughes
The Symbolists: Gibson
The Symbolist Generation: Mathieu
An Art of Our Own: Lipsey
A Fine Disregard: Varnedoe
The Spiritual In Art: Abstract Painting by Abbeville
Art & Physics;Visions of Space,Time &Light : Schlain
New Art: Papadakis
Cosmic Art: Swann
Art Speak: Atkins ....and The Art Book: Phaidon
Abstraction in Art and Nature: Hale
Art and Symbols of the Occult: Wasserman
A Short Guide to Writing About Art: Barnet
Painting the Spirit of Nature: Masterfield
Color Atlas of Human Anatomy: Beekman
Human Anatomy for the Artist: Raynes
Mandala: Cornell
Drawing The Light Within: Cornell
The Artists Way: Cameron
Embracing The Sky: B.Mack

Supporting Yourself As an Artist: Oxford
Artists & Graphic Designers Market 2001
Making a Living As An Artist: Casewitt
Living By Your Brush Alone: Piersol
Succeed as an Artist: Biehl
Affirmations for Artists: Maisel
Art Marketing 101: Smith

Kandinksy - Complete Writings on Art: Lindsay & Vergo
Concerning the Spiritual in Art: Kandinsky
Kandinskys Teaching at the Bauhaus: Poling
Kandinsky and The Blue Riders: Terrail
Kandinsky: The Masterworks by Bellido
The Art of Michel Whelan: Bantam
Rembrandts Life of Christ: Abradale
Rembrandt: Hoppenbrouwers
Rembrandt and The Bible: Magna
Nicholas Roerich: Paelian
Nicholas Roerich: Decter
Maxfield Parrish: Ludwig
J.M.W. Turner: Bockemuhl
World of Turner: Time LIfe Books
Carl Morris: Portland Art Museum
Working Space: Frank Stella
Peter Max: A Retrospective

40 Examples: Ansel Adams
Light on The Land: Wolf
Natural Light: Smith
Portrait Photography: Lockley
Professional Scenic Photography: Grandel

Creative Visualization: Gwain
Creation, Artistic and Spiritual: Aivanhov
The Creators: Boorstin
Fire In the Cruciable: Briggs
Creativity: Csikszentmihalyi
Crystal Clarity: Walters
Creativity: Arieli
How To Think Like DaVinci: Gelb

Writing to Inspire: Gentz
Breaking Into Print: Brunson
Self Publishing: Poynter
Becoming A Writer: Brandee
Writing Analytically: Rosenwasser
A Writer's Reference: Hacker
Writing Research Papers Across Curriculum: Hubbuch

The Coming Race: Lytton
Bone: Ng
Zanoni: Lytton
A Romance of Two Worlds: Corelli
Innocence: Corelli
Ardath: Corelli
The Master Initiate and The Maid: Clymer
The Three Sevens: A Story of Initiation: Phelon
The Rape of the Lock: Pope
Shakespeare: The Complete Works

Astronomy In Color: Brown
Mind Into Matter: Wolf
Rediscovering Sacred Science: Bamford
Asimov on Astronomy
Einsteins Space and Van Goghs Sky: Margerian
Einstein: Clark
Ideas and Opinions: Einstein
Zen Physics: Darling
The Web of Life: Davidson
Turning Point: Capra
Web of Life: Capra
The Quantum Mind: Mindell
From Science to God: Russell

Autobiography of Malcolm X: Haley
Race, Class & Gender in the United States: Rothenberg
After Heaven: Wuthnow

The Nature of America: Kuralt
Sacred Mountains of The World: Bernbaum
New World Atlas: Philip
American Wilderness: Jones
B &B’s and Country Inns of America: Tallis
National Parks: Fodor
The Northwest Coast

HISTORY (World and U.S.)
A Study of History: Toynbee
Understanding the Constitution: Peltason
History of the United States: Hofner
Almanac of American History: Schlesinger Jr.

Photoshop Wow Book
Photoshop Artistry
Advanced Photoshop
Photoshop F/X
Photoshop Filters
Time Lapse
Go Live

Sacred Science: Paulsen
Infinite Grace: Goldner
Light of Faith: Aquinas
Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life: Moore
Digital Mantras: Holtzman
The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man: Steiner
In Search of Love and Wisdom: Poesnecker
Visions of Innocence: Hoffman
Imaginary Landscape: Thompson
Being and Vibration: Marlow
Inner Simplicity: James
A Brief History of Everything: Wilber
There Are No Accidents: Hopke
Soul Signs: Eichenbaum
The Findhorn Gardens: by the Findhorn Community
Seeing With The Minds Eye: Samuels
Roots of Consciousness: Mishlove
The Secret Teachings of the Ages: Hall
The Book of Splendours, Vol.I-III: Levi
Nothing in This Book is True,....
.... But its Exactly the Way It Is! by Frisell
The Secret Language of The Soul: Hope
The Wisdom Within: Chopra
How To Know God: Chopra
Practical Intuition: Day
Your Sixth Sense: Naparstek
Living In The Light: Gwain
Fire In The Soul: Borysenko
Recovering The Soul: Dossey
Divine Revelation: Shumsky
Tertium Organum: Ouspensky
The Buddha Nature: The Dalai Lama
Science of Breathing: Ramacharaka
The Invincible: Roerich
Your Forces: Larson
Life Force: Houston
What is a Spiritual Master: Aivanhov
The Masters and The Path: Leadbeater
Physicians of the Soul: Robert M. May
Anatomy of The Spirit: Myss
The Initiates, Vol. I - V: Clymer
Spiritual Initiation: The Great Work...R.S. Clymer
Coming Masters: The Great Work...R.S. Clymer
Council of Three: The Great Work...R.S. Clymer
Mastership: The Divine Law...R.S. Clymer
The Science of Spiritual Alchemy...R.S. Clymer
The Philosophy of Immortality...R.S. Clymer
Ravalette: The Rosicrucians Story...Randolph
Seership: Guide to Soul Sight...Randolph
Soul! The Soul World...Randolph
Compendium of Occult Laws...R.S. Clymer
Soul Consciousness: ...R.S. Clymer
Mystic Americanism: R.S. Clymer
Realizing Eternal Selfhood: McDaniel
Interpretation of St.John...R.S. Clymer
Book of Rosicruciae Vol.I-III...R.S. Clymer
The Rosy Cross: Teachings...R.S. Clymer
The Philosophy of Fire: The Spiritual Light
Gifts of the Spirit...E.Clymer
A Reason For Being: E.Clymer
Our Story of Atlantis: Clymer
Rediscovering Sacred Science: Bamford

Best Guide To Meditation: Davich
The Meditative Mind: Goleman
Discover Meditation
Kundalini: White
The Chakra Handbook: Sharamon
The Chakras: Leadbeater

Mans Subtle Bodies: Aivanhov
The Solar Angel: Saraydarian
Cosmos In Man: Saraydarian
Other Worlds: Saraydarian
Out of This World: Couliano
The Astral Body: Powell
The Mental Body: Powell
The Causal Body: Powell
The Solar System: Powell

The Magical Approach: Roberts
Paracelsus: Life and Prophecies by Hartmann
Studies In Alchemy: St. Germain
Intermediate Studies In Alchemy: St. Germain
Alchemy & the Alchemists: Hitchcock

Angel Voices: Goldman
Rediscovering The Angels: Newhouse
Angels and Aliens: Thompson
A Book of Angels: Burnham
Hierarchies and The Plan: Saraydarian
Spiritual Hierarchies: Steiner
Angel Guide: Womack
The Brotherhood of Angels and Men: Hodson
Spiritual Beings: Steiner
The Angels Within Us: Price
Commune With The Angels: Howard
Touched By Angels: Freeman
To Hear The Angels Sing: Maclean
A Dictionary of Angels: Davidson

The Druids: Ellis
The Millenium: Hanna
Great Discoveries: Time Life Books
America Revealed: Time Life Books
The Discoverers: Boorstin
The Explorers: Boorstin
Crop Circles: Pringle
Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles: Howe

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Comment by Erin Michelle on May 2, 2009 at 1:39pm
I'll have to look up the Soul Series. A friend I used to see on the bus is supposed to be featured. Riding the bus is an amazing lesson in connectivity. No one gets anywhere unless everyone pitches in. My job was closing the doors after the handicapped lift. Teenagers are polite, no one cusses, and the driver goes around twice to help the blind guy in a wheelchair find his stop. It's another world.
Comment by Barry Mack on May 2, 2009 at 1:26pm
Yes it was. Loaned it out to someone years ago. Another book that needs to join the ranks is "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. In fact ALL of his work sounds great. His interview with Oprah on her Soul Series is wonderful. The idea is we have moved through the Technology to the Infornation Age and now live in the Conceptual which Right Brain abilities will run our world. Its GREAT news for us Right Brainers!
Comment by Erin Michelle on May 2, 2009 at 1:01pm
I don't see "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". Is that a book that has been in your life before?
Comment by Barry Mack on March 15, 2009 at 8:16pm
Hi Violette! Welcome to our patter. And yes, it was tender indeed. What a sweet observation. Giving voice to such lovely moments can amplify their beauty.
Regarding my library, may I applaud your freedom from posessions. Reminds me of Carl Jung writing that it was largely his books that bound him to Earth.
Comment by Barry Mack on March 15, 2009 at 1:54pm
BTW, loved the skinny dipping analogy! Perfect fit.
Comment by Erin Michelle on March 15, 2009 at 1:13pm
It is a lovely, rainy, stormy afternoon. Your pictures to dream by, Multi-Dimentional Warrior playing and Silja left me the most beautiful painting. (Do you think it's pronounced Cee lee a?) Stormy and cold is fine by me. But, Spring means flowers again at last. Hurry Spring!
Love, Erin
PS Barry Goldwater
Comment by Barry Mack on March 15, 2009 at 12:29pm
.......not that I know of Erin. But I never asked.
Wishing you a lovely Sunday afternoon. It's stormy and cold here in the NorthWest. Can't wait for Spring!
Comment by Erin Michelle on March 15, 2009 at 11:09am
It's a little like skinny dipping. You're standing there starkers for a second before you dive in. If it weren't for Carlos, I'd never have dipped into this. Porn and penny stocks kept me away from the internet for years. I've always risked my ego for experience. I was crushed when Carlos told me he doesn't shake hands and after all that begging. He gave me a light five instead and he switched on the light inside me. I let someone named Barry hold my hand one night as I tried to hold up my end of the conversation. Nicest man I ever met. Are you named for anyone?
Comment by Barry Mack on March 15, 2009 at 12:13am
Lately I've discovered that the more we put ourselves out there, risk feedback and begin expressing the deepest qualities of our soul............there is BOTH negative and positive response. I used to want only positive. When i got the negative it hurt and i recoiled. Then the positive would bring me back up. Now, it's different. I've had to become neutral to both in order to maintain balance. The only thing that seems to matter is continuing to give, create, love, believe, and open to deeper levels of communication.
Comment by Erin Michelle on March 12, 2009 at 11:58am
I'd love to claim some deep meaning, buried Bene Gesserit fashion in the orchard. Decades ago I saw a truly bad movie (Little Foxes) with one great line, so I paraphrase. I want people to grab a bite, smack their lips and say "Erin sure tastes sweet this year!"


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