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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Peace Portal is requesting people from countries around the world to please consider joining our website at so we may meet global goals of members from 100 countries.

Peace Portal creates cooperative projects to meet UN Millennium Development Goals by integrating, identifying, and funding various solutions or charitable organizations. We are able to take, and do need small donations of $10.00 or more to help keep the charity side running, donations can be accepted here.

There are also investment opportunities for those wishing to make instead of donate money.
The funding mechanism is a unique breakthrough Internet start-up company that empowers poor from emerging countries to begin earning into the digital economy simply for participating, you can read about them here. Investment potentials still exist if you're looking for a safe, conscious, and high yield opportunity in the current global crisis.) Over the next few years, emerging countries like India, Brazil, Russia and others will grow while Industrial countries economies are expected to contract; this is the place to have an investment.

Blessings of prosperity, happiness, joy, wisdom, and peace - thank you all!
Stephen of Peace Portal

Feel free to contact me here on AOAND

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