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Own 1000 Brand Name Stores for under $1.00 a Day, & Help Charity

As retail and manufacturing jobs are lost in the industrialized world, more people are being forced to migrate to the information economy made possible by the Internet. There are hundreds of online businesses these days, most of which have an inherent barrier to success because they require people to refer friends, purchase products monthly, or sell a specific product line such as pills, travel vouchers, or the like. Now a new business has been launched that does away with these barriers, and it supports charities, schools, and faith groups. For less than $1.00 a day anyone can open there own online CyberMalls with brand name retail stores they actually like using the GetZooks Social Affiliate Marketing System.

People can mix and match there favorite products from retail suppliers such as Borders Books & Music, Staples, BlockBuster, Napster, Expedia, Lego, Gaiam, MacWarehouse, and almost 1000 other brand vendors.

The business, called GetZooks, is a social affiliate marketing system that creates a synergy between the individual, local businesses, and community organizations such as schools, churches, and charities.
This system does away with the need to sell things in the traditional manner, instead it allows people to share what they truly love in social networks, as well as to buy from themselves for cash rebates.

GetZooks gives people the ability to create unique storefronts, attach them to vendors, and then place their favorite stores together into unique personalized CyberMalls. For each sale referred through a CyberMall the individual receives a minimum of 75% of the commission, 10% is tithed to a educational charity, and the remaining 15% goes to GetZooks for covering overhead and paying out corporate profits to shareholders.

GetZooks isn't just a selling a Club, it is about general prosperity in the new Information Age; members get cash rebates on their own purchases, access to special coupons or deals, and it includes a silent residual profit center that grows monthly as visitors to a Members Mall decide to get a Mall of their own. To make sure GetZooks Members don't lose income from their purchasers if that purchaser decides to get their own Club Mall account, a silent "Prosperity Program" based on a 3x7 team build returns the majority of the $29.95 monthly fee (less than $1.00 a day) back to the Membership.
To be clear, no Member is ever required to sell the Club as a product, meaning "refer" a new Member, but if they do then they are rewarded with a income that grows to over $7,000 monthly. One of the nice things about GetZooks is it becomes essentially free after a short period of time by suing the option to have the monthly $29.95 subscription be deducted from earnings; earnings grow from cash back on personal purchases, sales made through friends or marketed through social networks, and from the growing residual monthly program.

Although GetZooks is designed to meet the needs of schools, charities, and t... new to earning income online, it is also perfect for the professional Internet marketer. Professionals can create stores that showcase and link to their various programs, it provides powerful marketing tools for increasing sales and conversions, and most importantly it allows them to keep their teams together as these programs run their cycle. Professional marketers move from program to program, bringing their teams with them as possible, one problem with this is that team members often compete with each other to see who will be who in the next program, creating competition and resentment amongst team members instead of engendering cooperation. With GetZooks the Team stays together, and it also opens additional profit centers since someone selling a travel club like the currently popular TVI (which cost's $275.00 and requires referring people), can place a TVI store with link in their mall and place Expedia, Travelocity, Travel Pass, Euro-rail or any other number of travel vendors in their Travel Mall. While most people won't join a TVI, they will buy a plane ticket, car rental, cruise or other travel product through the Mall and thereby create a commission for the Member.

If you are a professional marketer, or new to making a income online, take a look at GetZooks Social Affiliate Marketing Club, you won't be dis-appointed!

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