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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Visit The Hollywood City Charity Mall.
Charities, Schools, Churches, Individuals, and Businesses must start adapting to the economic conditions of a New Age, one in which wealth is migrating to the Global Village made possible by the Internet. To achieve this goal Peace Portal has designed a unique e-commerce system called GetZooks. Our charity uses it as a place to raise funds for sustainable projects, people can do there everyday shopping at places like Amazon and a portion of every sale is returned to our charity; individuals can also participate to earn for themselves. GetZooks offers something for Everyone!

• Cash back on everyday purchases
• Commissions from sharing favorite products with friends
• Earn for referring new businessed and individuals to the Club
• Save on purchases with Member Coupon Specials
• Access exclusive Club Member Programs
• Create personalized Storefronts for CyberMalls
• Marketing tools, training, and relationships.

• Empower a global 24/7 sales force
• Sell your products in our World Mall
• Increase sales while decreasing marketing costs
• Compliment retail store foot traffic with online shopper
• Import wealth into your community

* Chamber of Commerce programs, get your city on the World Mall Map
* Import wealth into your community through sales to the global marketplace
* Promote your Cities Businesses using GetZooks Affiliate Marketing System
* Non-profit fund raising opportunities for associations serving your community

• Free "Fund Raising" CyberMalls for schools, non-profits, community and faith associations
• Ad-free Internet Portal on the DigitalUniverse Platform available to schools and qualified charities
• GetZooks partners with charitable associations for educational events like the UN Peace Day Global Broadcast, see about our support for your charity
• Unique fund-raising games and tournaments

Visit The Baby Gear Shopping Mall

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