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Space of Love News: SOL Magazine #10 is ready for you!

Dear SOL Friends!
Well, here we are! Your "special delivery" - another Space of Love Magazine issue in our proud hands!

When we are working on finalizing your SOL, we always work as if our very lives depended on it.
But, really, they do, in so many ways. When you do what you deeply believe in and are passionate about, your life does depend on doing just that, in the very best way you can. And the information that is so important to all of us feels just like that, too - as if our lives depended on it, literally and metaphorically.
Soon, they will come back from the printers, ready to be mailed - ever so beautiful and inspiring.
Meanwhile, here is a list of titles to whet your reading-appetites. Enjoy! Yuri will pull it all online shortly!
Blessings to you all!
Regina and Yuri

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