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Well, if Yuri and I were geese, we would now feel as if we laid our first Golden Egg!

After much labor, we are delivering the first prototype (hooray!) for many more local/regional free Space of Love Magazines. The inaugural issue for the California Central and South Coast, based in Santa Barbara, is going to the printers next week. It sports 16 pages and color covers from our parent SOL supply. 10 of these pages will be filled with our favorite but shortened articles to promote self-sufficiency and hope around the world, 3 pages are devoted to community-making news and 3 pages to logo-listings that promote local businesses and services dear to our hearts. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England or other English speaking parts of Europe, Canada, or North and South America, all can now have their free, local SOL issues.
Some of you have asked regarding translations, and these issues have a much more manageable size for that.

We are keeping these local SOLs somewhat neutral, so that we can introduce many more people from the general public to our bright vision of a green planet thriving and blossoming with love, people who might have never found our parent SOL publication. To those of you interested in becoming local SOL editors, we can send sample files and also a sample local print issue.

Please do get in touch with us promptly if you have ever had a dream to publish, edit, write. Here
is your opportunity to touch the world.
We supply most everything, cover-art, those ten pages of relevant articles every quarter, and the only thing done by you locally is to fill the first three pages with locally
relevant news and the last 3 pages with the logo-listings. Networking with people while collecting these lovely listings is a wonderful community making activity, so necessary in times such as these.

We help by charging only $250 for lay-out work PLUS all the materials for now (poor Yuri), but that way, we can
help you get started. The 4 half-page color ads at $375 each and 18 logo-listings at $60 should bring in enough revenue to make this as fun as it is rewarding.

Can you already see the golden web of caring and sharing extend all across the globe?

Flying high and calling for companions!

Yuri and Regina

Space of Love Magazine

PO Box 121, Los Olivos, CA, 93441
Toll Free within US: 1-800-604-1839

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Comment by Yuri Smirnov on October 10, 2010 at 3:10am
Dear SOL Community!
It seems that many of you did not get our exciting "birth"-announcement of a most significant SOL event: Our first, brand-new regional (California Central and South Coast) SOL print edition #1 (16 b/w pages, beautiful colored covers).
Here are the links to check out an online version we placed there for you:
The text:
Outside cover:
Inside cover:
You will recognize the cover and some of the core articles, though shortened, which was the whole purpose: Re-using what we already have so as to create a very affordable opportunity for people who would like to help move the wonderful information we all cherish out into the world of the general public. It was designed as a prototype for local/regional issues all over the world: the first three pages will be changed into local community-making news by each local editor, then there are ten pages with globally relevant articles from us, and the last pages are there for local business networking logo-listing ads.

Any interested people anywhere that want to try their hands as local editors?? The ads will pay for the printers and set-up and maybe a little bit more. Best for people who already have networks in place. Then the ads come in quite easily, because ad-space is rather limited and exclusive and very affordable, as long as you can get the word out.

Thank you so much, dear soul-group of friends, for your continued support in our troubled, needy world! With your support and trust, we now have taken another giant step forward in the behalf of our Mother Earth and her many beautiful children!!

Also, please don't forget to renew! We are getting ready to send out your SOL #9 to you! Such exciting information! You don't want to miss a single issue. Easy online!

Yuri and Regina


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