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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Create water from thin air with an Atmospheric Water Generator. Never buy bottled water again. Save money and be sustainable using this unique and new water technology.

Never before has a product been offered with such mass appeal. A product that can literally change the world.

Visit this amazing technology at - if you purchase a unit then a donation will be made to support Project Peace Portal.

The water generation process utilizes ozonation. Ozonation is a clean and efficient alternative to chlorine-based water treatment. It's not only a powerful way to eradicate bacteria and viruses; it's also a highly effective bleaching agent. Ozonation is also Non-toxic.

The numerous water-treatment applications for ozonation include:

Water/wastewater disinfection and treatment.
Bottled/drinking water disinfection.
Industrial or commercial laundering.
Water treatment for commercial swimming pools and spas.
Water treatment for cooling towers.
Textile, pulp, and paper bleaching.
Groundwater treatment.
Industrial and oil refinery wastewater treatment.
Aquarium water treatment.
Color and odor control.
Creation of ultrapure water for the electronics industry.

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