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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Yesterday I wrote about being seated at teh Throne in the Godlen Room

and I realized that I didn't take you to what can happen there. so here is what I see happens while you are on teh throne of God
While Seated in the Room of Gold and in the Silence of your Soul
You call in the Light of God that surrounds you
The Light that comes from the very Source of creation.
You attune to the light and feel it come into your mind enlightening you with the most brilliant radiance until you find that you are the Light and the Light is you. That this is the light of God and you are from that light.
And it comes into your every cell and part of your entire being rejuvenating and restoring you, healing and redeeming you.

You feel it find your heart and as it does your inner heart blossoms as a
Lotus flower it opens up into the light until you feel the very love that is in the Heart of God is alive within you. The Love is so great you can not contain it you need to share it and you realize this love that you are experiencing is within the heart and soul of every being.

You send this love out to the room, to your family and friends, and then out to the entire world. You see this love as a radiant blessing surrounding the world and then returning to you now even more radiant and it once again enters your heart and soul. You understand the true Power of this timeless eternal love. And you realize you are that living love and it has given you what you have been searching for. It has given you your true identity and purpose.

And understanding this you find all you can do is serve this love and this light. And so you decide to return to the world and be a part of the Divine Love and Be a part of this Infinite Light
And bring this light and love back to the World.

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