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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Who is this man who took away the sins of the world? Who is this man that took upon himself the punishment of our sin? Who laid down His life to reconcile the world to Himself? Fulfilling all things in Heaven and earth. Who is this that offers eternal life, and such an intimate Identity, oneness, and union with Himself? He is the Lord Yahshua Meshiah  King of Glory, Lord of Heavenly hosts, light of the world. With all wisdom, knowledge, and pleasures in His right hand forevermore. A love supreme, eternal non-negotiable, unconditional, everlasting love. All his thoughts toward you is peace. "I create the fruit of the lips, peace be to him who is far off, and he who is near." -Jesus

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Comment by Andrew McDowell on October 31, 2015 at 6:49pm

Lorenzo Abbiati yeah those are good words and thoughts.I just want people to understand the gravity of what Jesus accomplished and what it means for the world and It's people.He came to set people free from the bondage of sin. When you make Jesus your Lord and savior, and believe in your heart he died for your sin, and rose from the dead, there is a transaction that takes place. We are baptized in His death, and raised in His resurrection confess with your mouth Jesus saved you and it is made unto salvation, and receive a new nature the old has passed away and He is doing a new thing in you. And you become one unified with Jesus, and the spirit which comes from the Father.This man Jesus sacrificed everything for us, in life, in death, and the hereafter. That is supreme love, and the highest and purest and ultimate act of love toward humanity.You, whoever you are, were created for a purpose in an divine appointment to receive a supreme gift of salvation by your faith, through the grace of God who performed it. And now the only thing left is the testing of that faith through a walk with God, in the covenant God made with you.I pray whoever is reading this may the Holy Spirit do a work on their heart, and show them the truth, in the salvation in Jesus Christ.You are chosen by God, to be, and do, and work for the betterment of good for His glory and His Kingdom, to plant seed on the good soil in people's hearts and invest in people and then the harvest.There is nothing too hard for God He makes the ordinary extrordanary He makes the impposible possible.All we must do is believe, obtain supreme love, for it will never fail.Get to know this God, not a building, not in people, not in laws and regulations, but a personal intimate relationship with The Most High through what HE did for you at the cross.Carlos is right we are meaningful and significant fearfully and wonderfully made we are shinning lights in a dark world and through love and peace through Jesus we can change the world. Namaste!

Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on October 22, 2015 at 7:33pm

Hi Andrew, these words need a few further comments, leave Anyone speechless, it's the contrary of today's society, jesus, i think he's more than love he is love without dixipation, the concept is that jesus was meant to be but didn't chose to be himself, society with its heaviness wanted him to die, we was a man overweighted by infinite, society still today knows jesus, he's a man not winning by words but with facts, facts of pure love.

Love expects the boy to nave back , he loves the enemy and asks pardon for him, jesus ripresenta more than love, because love ripresenta vive and receive, he only gave healing and received punishment.

The concept is that jesus lives among us, we kill jesus everytime we chose hate upon love, we kill jesus everytime we colse the door to our conscience, because our coscienze is naturally oriente to goodness, we even kill jesus everytime we do a good thing to receive something else back or use His nane to gain His glory, se stilo kill jesus when we colse the door to the neighbour in need, we colse the door to jesus when a government create a law tailored to unbalance and against por people, we kill jesus and the world when we pollute it or devastate it.

We kill jesus everytime we make a war in the name of religion, Money, sex, power, we kill jesus with  pretending an innocent girl , mother Mary, and so in this precise way, jeasus daily via crucis starts again every day.

What shall we do To save jesus?

Give time, create love from hate, avoid confrontation, promote Exchange of opinione, talk about love, less action less programming less finance, more compassione, creative thinking, deglobalization, avoid performer doctrine, living in joy seeing our Brother and sister happy, less making love more building love, less drugs, more care for ourselves, wishing everyone a LONG and HAPPY life, satisfying life, dignitous life.

Blessings to all architects, work At your best to build the unconditional love society maybe in a lower scale but inspiring ourself to jesus,

Blessed are the vergins, the mothers the sinners the prostitutes, the nuns.

Blessed is good music, vibrations, creating a world free from lust, anger and fear and self realization

Create a new product hot commercial : let it be observe and care, don't take off a flower from ground, don't become rich taking advantage of the poor, erase jealousy because none is property of none else, forget budget boundaries, don't stock rich treasures to became a slave in guarding it, don't do things to be albe to gain proud towards Others, don't do things to please only ourselves, do things to make people around you better, less black energy more White energy, spirits are nera, bar people are afraid of them because themselves are negative, spirits are good presente, horror films talk about bar presente our life should be the apposite contrary, a beautiful redemption romane.

Blessing again to all architects and a special bug for Carlos for living us this Archie opportunity bug especially for the past the future music he Will


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