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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Do you share this dream and help to create it in the physical world?

Hi to everyone.
(Please pardon my German English.)

I am a spiritual teacher, book author, healer and channel. And I am aware, that I am a channel for the human energy looking for a break through in a positive way. It is my vision since 1988 and time is right to go on with the energyflow right now.

I like to talk about the biggest event we'll ever had on Earth. I don't know whether I am the right person to lead it into manifestation, but I have the project already finished in my head with all possible situations that had to be handled over the time, and I am shure I'll find here enough people who could be the very best partners for the concept. And I think you like to do all you can for a better world to live in, so that's why I just started the project.

So many groups, just like we here, are growing around the world, looking for the possibility to unify their power and do the step forward we all need. The truth is, we all need each other to make it.

I have done my first steps, offering this vision to make our dream come true to many groups around the internet world.
The project is called the BIG HUG and will be celebrated along the Pan American Highway all down from Alaka to Chile with the spirit of the following Manifesto.


Fellow humans, my dear brothers and sisters,
United we are creating a new world today. In mutual trust and respect we manifest our intention that we will cease to cause each other any further pain. We now consciously intend to create a peaceful society upon our plant.
Only through Love can we make this happen so from now on we express only love to humanity out of mutual respect and benevolence.
We do now stand as one humanity and we see with our collective inner eye a new community on earth, united in: - ethics, benevolence, confidence, hope, generosity, support, willingness to learn, consideration out of love to humans and to our environment, in difficult times as well as in good times. We are overcoming the challenges of separation and incorporating the strength of unity. Now we can create our world in a way that satisfies each and every one of us.
For those who have devotion to, faith in and love for a higher power, I speak the following words: - From now on, we commune with intent to make the very best of our lives, having learned from bitter experience that nothing good comes from hatred. Therefore we gratefully receive all heavenly assistance sent to help us make our dreams come true and give thanks that we are always kept strong in our intention and are lifted up in moments of discouragement.
We are One Humanity with one new consciousness. United we now create the world of our dreams with understanding and respect for love, happiness and harmony, beauty and health, success and wealth, in a way that brings healing to all of us."

I'd like to receive your feelings about it, your thoughts and some new inspiration. Maybe one or the other likes to ceate a new song or a logo.
It is planned to go online with the project as soon as we have the right logo to present. There are some creations until now but we could need some more to have a good choice. In the beginning of February I will present all logo creations to all online groups where I have siventhe information and we will see, wich Logo will be the selected from all of us.

Love to hear / read from you soon

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Hi, Silvia
I think and feel your BIG HUG Project is a great one. We need it and we need to work for such manifestations.
Love, Light and Lough to you,
Energy can not be created nor destroyed, so if energy evolves over periods of thousands of years would it not also become a soul?

Just a question, to add to your post.
Sylvia.... I just read your post and am excited to hear of your idea... I work to produce events around the world and I know your idea is something that can happen... I look forward to learning more and will look at the documents posted here... best wishes...
Hi Sylvia,
Very interesting and exciting project. Thank you for sharing this with us, please continue to keep us informed. You wrote "I have done my first steps, offering this vision to make our dream come true to many groups around the internet world." Would you please list some of the other groups? I'd like to know who else is talking about this and what they are saying.
Thanks, Diana
Exciting - would like to know more!
BIG HUG is a wonderful idea, we'll support and promote your effort on our platform too, can I post it (or you can) at Peace Portal.
Big hugs to you and everyone!!!!!
Hi Sylvia, Wonderful project - we DO all need each other to bring it about, to unify our power - and so glad that this collection of like-minded souls has come into being now as it should - it feels like a groundswell, and that only good can come of this transitional phase of conscious being - the Architects can encourage the reality - much love & light & hugs to you & yours, Netta
Hello Silvia, This has inspired me greatly. I'm so glad I came upon this site. I am truly losing my faith in my fellow mankind and this might be the spark of fire that I need to bring me hope! Please keep me posted.
Hi Sylvia, I think this is a great project. I send you my best wishes and hope to hear more about this.
Let the Sun shine
Dear Sylvia,
When this dream became real I wrote to Carlos thanking him for making me into a joiner and maybe even a hugger. Big Hugs. Thank you.
Love, Erin
Evolution requires consciousness. Our individual evolution as humans is due to our consciousness. Our universal evolution is due to the consciousness of the Divine. Does pure energy have it's own unique consciousness? Or, does it share it's connection with everything else?
Just thinking....Erin

James Murff said:
Energy can not be created nor destroyed, so if energy evolves over periods of thousands of years would it not also become a soul?

Just a question, to add to your post.

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