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October 2011 Blog Posts (44)

Meditation: Spheres of Remembrance & Illumination & Seed of Perfection for Soul Lineage of Light

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October 2011

Dear Friends,

I offer my love and gratitude to Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia and all of you for your great love, patience and…


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And Christ said, Pray for me

And Christ said Pray for Me


I heard a request from the Master the Christ that said

“Would you Pray for me?”

and it resonated deep in my Mind, so I asked

“Is this true?”

And I asked

“What would you have me Pray for Lord?”

“And how could my humble prayers make any Difference?”

and I heard,


“Pray for all of the Servants of…


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The Souls Flight

The Flight of Spirit


Sweet Salvation

That comes to my heart

And asks that the seeds of Love blossom

To hold the blessings of light.


Long have you hid in a cocoon of your own making.

Yet now you are being called to emerge and fly.

To feel the wings of Beauty that shine

With the mornings glory.

To soar with the Angels of God



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Perfect imperfection

Perfect Imperfection


Stand naked in the Morning Sun

And call upon all that you are to emerge.

Remove the mask so carefully placed

To hide who you are and

Come face to face with all of what you are and

how you have chosen to live your life.


And with a brave breath

Bring all that you are forth.

Do not be afraid to see it, feel…


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Vigilant Futures sponsors Raise-a-Reader day in Montreal

Vigilant Futures employees donate their time and money to Raise-a-Reader while the company becomes a corporate sponsor for a second year.…


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People of the world.. wake up ....

Do you know what will happen if you take too much blood out of your body?  Same concept of earth. we take too much oil out of earth that cause Inbalance of worldSTOP! what are we doing? STOP fighting, don't you see? you are hurting the earth.Stop! what are we doing? why are we not worry about earth? WHY are we worry about ecomoinicworld. Money is illusion its not real. Dont you see what is real?

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The Gift of Forgiveness

The Greatest Gifts


One of the Greatest gifts given to you

Is the Power God has Given you

Through the Christ to Forgive yourself.

To forgive all of what you have done that

Has caused you and others pain

And to forgive all that you have done

 on this journey through life that is Less

than you had hoped to do and be.


And with that…


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And From the Darkest Depths

The Light Breaks forth

With Golden Rays from the Holy Chalice

Of God’s Love.


And Here in the chamber of the Soul

I reach to Embrace the Love of God.

The Divine  light of the Christ

That is the Eternal Flame within.


And I Pray for the Simple Clarity

Of the Pure presence of being.

And I pray for the…


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Let God's Love prevail

God’s Love will Prevail


And from the Highest point of heaven

To the farthest depths of Earth,

The Lord Speaks of His Love,

His deep undying Love

That is here in the Living Christ

To lift us to Salvation.


A Love that is based in knowing Who we are,

And that we all can choose Compassion

And give the love we have to the…


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We are More and We are One

We are More and We are One

We are more than just physical beings,

we are whispers of Love dancing in the ...breeze.

We are spiritual beings on a path of loving service,

where if we pay attention the sacred Earth wisdom

within will direct our destinies to a place of peace

where Joy and Love abound. Embrace how beautiful

you are…

Added by Ron Alexander on October 10, 2011 at 2:16pm — 1 Comment

Prayers for the World

Prayers for the World


All around the World

There are prayers being said,

All around the World

there are the Ones who hear the call,

and who receive the answered prayers.


May the people who can help

To change the world receive your guidance

So that they can serve God and those in need.

                   Can we believe in our selves…


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Everyone has an all access pass to God

How would you Clothe the Raw Spirit

Of God’s Love,

When this Spirit it holds

Is naked and free.


How would you dress,

 what needs to be seen,

When it’s invisible, beyond words,

And yet holds the key.


It is the Greatest gift that you’ve been given,

               resides inside of you

               When you truly believe…


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And with this Love

And With this Love


And With all this Love

 God has given you to Know,

Here you can offer to live it,

Here you can offer to Be It,

Here you can hold out your heart

And Pray for the strength to share it.


And with each breath May you be free to feel,

All that it means to be alive.


To walk with the Blessings of the…


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Breath deep

And reach the Soul,

And bring to each moment

The fullness of being.


Be not afraid

To stand naked before God.

To feel the connection of all elements

Of the self,

Seen as all of who you are

In the Divine presence of the Creator.


For you have roots

 that go deep into lifetimes of…


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1 in 6 Americans Struggle with Hunger. Find out how YOU can help!

AOL has partnered with Feeding America  to promote their Hunger Action campaign on AOL Impact, a site dedicated to helping non-profits tell their stories and making it easy for our users to take action. We have a goal of donating 100,000 meals to Feeding America by October 3rd and we need YOUR help in getting us there. Here's how: 

1. Visit …


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Banorte Participates in the Third World Meeting of Human Values and Culture of Lawfulness

On September 8-9 2011, the Third World Meeting of Human Values and Culture of Lawfulness was held in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, with the purpose of creating awareness on “Non-violence: from the inside out”.

View this…


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Within your soul

Within your Soul


If you stop and be still

you can open to your soul.

Do not run and hide,

From what’s waiting to unfold.


If you can just be,

In the Presence that’s waiting there within.

And let your heart reveal

The power of Love that always is.


Do not back away

From the truth that you can find.



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The Calling

The Calling


As we hear the calling

Of the Distant Shore,

As we follow in the Footsteps

Of the Lords path we can’t ignore.


That there is so much to do

To walk with Love today.

There is so much to do

To help along the way.


As we hear the Calling,

We ask for faith to be,

The staff that we can lean…


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Haunted Archer Avenue- Fairmount Hills

Haunted Archer Avenue: Fairmount Hills

by Barek Halfhand

*From 5-09:

The Archer Avenue gates to Fairmont Hills lie between St James Church and…

Added by Barek Halfhand on October 4, 2011 at 6:00am — 1 Comment

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